Are Wrinkle-Removing Laser Devices Really Safe? The Team At Tria Beauty Tells All

September 20, 2016 by Jeanine Edwards
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Yes, we know wrinkles and fine lines are natural part of aging. But if you’re like most women–myself included!–you want to do everything you can to ward off and reduce their appearance. Creams and serums are great, but if you’ve ever considered something a little more next-level, no judgment. I’ve actually been fascinated by wrinkle-removing laser devices for quite some time, but have been too timid to actually investigate further.

That is until I was given access to the expert team over a Tria Beauty, arguably the industry leader in laser devices. You probably know them for their hair removal laser technology, but they also have lasers that effectively target wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Are they really safe? Can any woman–even someone with “dark” skin–use them? Get the answers to your most pressing laser questions and more below!

SHEfinds: TRIA is leading the charge in laser devices in the world of beauty. Once and for all, are lasers really safe?

Tria: Tria Beauty’s Age Defying Lasers have FDA clearance for safety and suitability. Non-ablative fractional lasers were cleared by the FDA in 2003 and have been safely used in dermatologists offices since.

SF: Are there certain women who shouldn’t use lasers?

Tria: The Age-Defying Laser is appropriate for all skin types. Do not use if you are under the age of 18, and do not allow children to play with or use this device. Consult a health care professional first if you are pregnant or undergoing professional cosmetic treatments, such as a skin peel, laser resurfacing or filler injections. You should also consult a health care professional if you have a significant medical skin condition, if your skin is unusually sensitive, if your skin easily develops a rash or allergic reaction or if you are taking a medicine, such as a steroid.

Lastly, the Age-Defying Laser should also not be used on skin that contains permanent makeup or is tattooed, infected, burned or cut.

SF: What makes laser treatment more effective than topical treatments?

Tria: The Age-Defying Laser uses the same non-ablative fractional laser technology previously available only through dermatologists. Unlike topical products, the Age-Defying Laser emits microscopic columns of laser light to help stimulate new collagen below the skin’s surface.

By using the Age-Defying Laser several minutes a day, you can expect to see visible improvement in as few as 2 weeks.

SF: What precautions should women take when using at-home laser devices?

Tria: Tria Beauty’s Age Defying Lasers were part of extensive clinical studies and have been proven safe and effective. The devices have been cleared by the FDA for home use. They are safe as long as used as directed in the Instructions for Use guide provided with each device.

SF: Tria doesn’t just offer laser devices–tell us a little about the skincare products.

Tria: Specifically formulated for hydration, the Tria skincare was developed by dermatologists to provide a hydrating environment while your Tria laser stimulates collagen production.

Our brightening boost facial contains 2 forms of HA which helps skin retain moisture following laser treatment. For your face, Tria finishing serum contains natural ingredients sea fennel extract, olive and avocado oil to promote skin elasticity and firmness.

SF: If women have questions about at home laser devices, what resources does Tria have?

Tria: Customer’s with questions are encouraged to visit or contact the Tria Beauty Customer Care Team at 1-877- 321-8742. They’re more than happy to assist with any questions.

Now that you know Tria’s wrinkle-removing laser devices are safe, you can invest in one for yourself with confidence. Even better, TRIA is offering 30% off all topical treatments at with code SHEFINDSTRIA at checkout. Score!


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