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SheFinds Solution: Evolution Bra (& sexy straps)

If you've ever pined for a breast enlargement, believe me, you're not alone. With over 350,000 women getting surgery per year, it's not all in your head — it does seem like everyone's doing it. Leave it to a rock-n-roll Latina, Margarita Reis, to develop a bra that mimics the look of implants. The Evolution bra will completely va-voom your chest, giving you that "separated lift" look. Because the bra offers a padded cup, your normal cup size might be too small, so order one cup size up. (Fitting tips are on the site.) Adding to the fun of the piece is the many ways to wear it: traditional, racer-back, halter and strapless. And if you go the traditional or halter route, you can supplement the bra with glittery, girly straps. So instead of surgery, opt for this bra. You'll have fun with the (temporary) options.

Trend Alert: Big Is In For Sunglasses

Men Guys benefit from bigger is better, too. Usually, men's sunglasses aren't as influenced by trends in womens but not this season. Armani does a new take on the aviator style: Wide temples are on both men's and women's styles now.

Good Question: What to Know Before You Shop

You can save time and headaches by arming yourself with certain bits of key information before you even begin shopping. First, if you don’t know your colors by now, do your homework or hire someone to help you. Each season a designer changes their palette, so some years will be better for you than others. But resist the urge to buy that coral-orange jacket if it's not in your color range. Use it as an accessory instead of a base item – as a purse, pin, ring, necklace, bracelet, scarf, sunglasses, hair accessory – you get the idea. Secondly, know the designers that work well for your body type. Lines like Anne Klein, Alfani, Jones New York, DKNY and Ralph Lauren are good for pear-shaped ladies, for instance. Personal shoppers at large department stores are a great resource to help you figure out what works best for each body type. Use them-- it's their job!

Good Question: Online Shopping Tips

For online sales, scoops and deals, try these simple, time-saving steps: 1. Sign up for the site’s newsletter. Create a filter in your email account, so all shopping-related newsletters are in one spot. When you have the time to browse or shop, you know where to go. 2. Find out when the site is updated with new stock. If they don’t tell you in their newsletters, email or call to ask. You’re better assured to get what you want. 3. Create a profile. Save features like size, color and shipping address. 4. When you find an item you like, put it in the “wish list”. Often you will get emailed when those items go on sale. Bloomies does this. Good luck!

Web Site Review: eDressMe

What: eDressMe Why: eDressMe has easy-to-scan images of (mostly) dresses, tops, skirts, swim suits (new addition) and accessories. Although it caters to the wedding and prom dress set, you can find almost any dress you could ever want regardless of occasion, figure or fetish. There's plenty to choose from, whether you like sundresses, mod dresses, little black dresses or something more formal. With size charts for every designer, fit should be a snap. Why Not: Even if you're a jeans a T-shirt kind of gal, eventually you'll need a dress for some sort of occasion, so you might as well check out their amazing stock. You never know when you'll get a chance to dress up -- no pun intended. Price: Dresses typically range from $100 to $400, but be sure to check out the sale pages for great discounts. Find It: eDressMe

A Find: DD with good support, gorgeous fabrics

What: Jodi Gallaer lingerie Why: For us well-endowed women, finding a pretty bra that supports is like being on an elusive treasure hunt. One beautiful treasure is Jodi Gallaer lingerie. I tried out "Simplicity" and "Blue Moon" in 38DD, and was blown away. These 6-hour bras are absolutely gorgeous and come in a variety of colors and textures. I was shocked that these vintage-inspired styles were so beautiful and managed to hold so well, and were comfortable to boot. My one complaint is that by the end of a long day, the straps were slipping—maybe because the adjuster is in the front. On the upside, after several washings both the underwire and fabric held up beautifully. Get Yours: JodiGallaer.com Check out our Hard to Fit Newsletter for more sizing solutions, and SheFinds Guide to Bras for Big Busts.

A Find: Durablity Cannot be Overrated

Just when you couldn't get enough of the durability of laminated cotton (faux leather anyone?), Kara B gives us a bag to be happy about: the Traveller Small Tote. It has outside cell phone pocket, inside hook for keys plus zippered compartments inside and out. I'm jonesing for the Pink Kaleidoscope version. It's a summer bright bag for the woman on-the-go who MUST haul her laptop in something besides basic black woven nylon. Affordable at $80, you can find it at karab.com.

Store Review: Hip Room, But Not Always Hip

I stumbled upon Catherines.com and, although it takes a little trolling, you'll see some good finds in larger sizes. Finally, gauchos for women with hips! And they're on board with the nautical trend. These gauchos don't make you look fat. You know what I'm talking about, low-slung cotton can be just as dangerous as denim when it comes to spillage (aka "the muffin top effect"). And there's elusive a-line white skirt. There are no rules about body type and wearing white, as long as the cut is right you will NOT look like a circus tent (thank you very much Janice Dickinson). BUT, wherever there are finds- there are flops. No bargain is worth these fashion disasters. Search out the good finds in sizes 14 on up, including swimwear and lingerie, at catherines.com.

Eco-Chic: Toothpaste to Rave About

I don't normally rave about toothpaste but I've FINALLY found one that's eco-friendly, flouride-free and tastes good, really! Nature's Gate Natural Toothpaste I hate paste and this doesn't bother me. Plus, the benefits of a natural toothpaste are great. The paste includes an abundance of Free Calcium (derived from extracts of Carrots and Calcium Ascorbate), a natural strengthening component of teeth that helps remove plaque. It also includes Vitamin C and Baking Soda that acts as gentle abrasives to help clean and whiten your teeth. This all natural delight comes in Creme de Anise (for licorice lovers), Creme de Peppermint, Cool Mint and Wintergreen. Find it at Drugstore.com for under $4.00. Deal Alert: Looking for products less practical than toothpaste? Drugstore.com customers Get $10 off a Beauty.com order of $100 or more.

A Find: Wear-All Summer Long Outfit

You should have at least one easy to pack, easy to throw on outfit you feel fabulous in. I'm partial to wrap dresses because they suit my shape but this jersey, criss-crossing number looks luscious. Make some noise, literally, by adding bangles. Bluefly has Ben-Amun bangles on clearance in several different colors. And color is key- don't match your dress but add punchy contrast with your accessories. Find an inexpensive woven option at dELiA*s.com, only $12.50 each. Whether you love your waist or not, embellish your belly with a belt. It's the easiest way to add versatility to your cotton and jersey sundresses. Visit LaRedoute for an on-trend selection of cinchers with sale prices as low as $7.99. We like shimmer, shine, and crochet details- avoid studs and oversize grommets for summer, they're too heavy. But don't worry, Fall '06 fashion has those rough and tumble details back in your wardrobes.

Spring Before Summer: Must-Have (Now)

While leather works year-round, suede and anything fuzzy or furry should be tucked away. Two trends right now are a continuation on the hobo theme, you can still opt for slouchy or structured. If you like the unformed hobo style, you might like a slouchy canvas tote like the one pictured here from La Redoute. The take-it-to-the-Cape structured rattan of this satchel from eBags.comcomes in four spring-ready colors. Because those California nights are cool and the chill off the Atlantic can give you goosebumps this time of year, you need a reliable wrap. Look for an all-in-one sweater wrap (tie in front, back or wear over the shoulder) like this one from Spiegel.com.

Trend Alert: I Love Spring Accessories

My spring Gotta-Haves go beyond eyelet dresses and wedges. I am IN LOVE with this ring. It meets my need for lightweight, chunky and fun on my finger. Layered lariat or loose choker? I vote for both. This long necklace has trendy pompoms and bronzestone beads- wrap it for a choker look. (19.99) Find it at La Redoute. Deal Alert! Get $10 off $75, $15 off $100, $25 off $150! Use Code: 1651-01662-368 thru 5/31 at redoute.com Coral and turquoise are always an appealing combo. They are in perfect harmony as a chunky choker at Spiegel.com

SheFinds Solution: Overexposure

Problem: Overexposure on the dancefloor, during date night, anywhere that you wear your sheer, cut down-to-there summer tops. Solution: Warmer weather exposes us to more daylight and we show more skin. In order not to show too much at the wrong time, I use Hollywood Fashion Tape I don't know how I lived without it for so long. Now the slinkiest, sexiest tops are a joy to wear without the worry of a wardrobe malfunction. I don't know anyone who is walking the red carpet anytime soon, but the Red Carpet Assortment Kit with its five different sized strips that solve a plethora of problems with heavy fabric, JLo-in Versace-necklines, and it includes the original size strips which are handy for hiding bra straps or fixing hems. Get yours at Beauty.com.

Eco Chic: Hubcaps and Bottlecaps

So I'm on the subway platform and I spy this purse (on a tourist no less) and asked her where she found it. Little Earth is an eco-friendly site with handbags, belts and keychains made of recycled materials. You can even BYOB- that's build your own belt. But hubcaps and license plates? I thought that was illegal. Oh well, makes wearing them all the more fun. They make for a really sturdy purse with velvet lining and soft-on-you rubber handles. This is the one I saw on the tourist: I'm torn between the Wyoming Fender and this Super Cyclone with an Alaska plate. I lived there for a mere 9 months during my Jack London period. But I digress. Find the designer-by-state gear at littlearth.com.

Eco-Chic: Howling at the Moon

Luna Bars. Love them. Now you can wear them on your wrist and plant a tree. Odd, you say? Ecoist, the folks who brought us eco-friendly purses made of recycled candy and food wrappers, have launched a Luna clutch -- yep -- made from Luna Bar wrappers just in time for Earth Day. And, yes, they do plant a tree for every purse they sell. So, to recap: minimize landfill, plant a tree, get a Luna Bar and look fabulous. Now *that's* a contribution!

Trend Alert: Snuggle Me!

Not only do we want to be snuggled but we want to be snuggle-able, right? This is the time of year when texture MATTERS. It matters to us because we're wearing it and it matters to others because, of course, they are touching us! These designers/houses have taken "staples" and cozied them up a notch. From always-keep-you-warm wool to gotta-have-it-cashmere to "green" alternatives to fur, here's some super soft, cozy clothes to keep you warm. Although I *love* skirts, I live in these Eileen Fisher wool jersey pants during the winter. They are simple, oh-so-comfortable and they go with everything. Two-ply cashmere calling your name? Try J.Jill's take on cardigan with a 2-way zipper. Yum. Love these microsuede wedge heel boots from Alternative Outfitters. A new twist on the messenger bag: Spiegel's cable knit version.

Deal Alert: Urban Outfitters Offers Free Shipping

FREE standard shipping on orders over $75 . Enter code 'RUDOLPH' at checkout. Expires Dec. 16th at midnight.

Sale Alert: Spiegel offers 75% Off

Spiegel's Amazing Winter Clearance...up to 75% off! Find it at spiegel.com.

Deal Alert: Crate & Barrel Just Marked Down

Gotta love it when a site has a section called "Just Marked Down". Crate & Barrel's Outlet online is an easy bookmark. Even the festive accessories are discounted. Find it at crateandbarrel.com. CB2 (Crate & Barrel's urban spinoff) has some nice sheet sets on sale and some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers. Find it at www.cb2.com.

A Find: Eco-friendly Greenspace candles

A new-comer to the soy-wax candle frenzy (can you believe there's such a thing?) -- Greenspace. Love the name. Simple packaging. Who knew hemp seed oil and cotton-hemp wicking could burn virtually soot-free? And a mere 5 ounces burns for over 40 hours. Very impressive. But if it's scent you're after, you're in luck: Chai Chai Chai(love it), Lemon Squeeze, Lunar Lavender, Vanilla Bean Dream, Gardenia, Mango Papaya, Cucumber Melon (perfect), Blueberry, Pear, Green Tea are just some of their scents. Most of the scents use essential oils to get their long-lasting fragrance. Mmmm. And just in time for the Season: Pumpkin Pie. Bonus: Their matchbox covers are adorable. Find these earth-friendly candles at greenspacenaturals.com.

Sale Alert: La Redoute

Coat Sale 15% off. Ballerinas under $40. Pants under $35. Tops under $25. Dresses under $50. Take 30% off any item through Dec. 8th. Enter #1651-00243-368 at checkout.

Beauty Find: Brow Filler

Although my eyebrows are shapely, they are not FULL or thick. Thanks to the wonderful women at Sephora, I found Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals eyebrow powder. Using a stiff, angled brush, dab the tip into the powder. Then tap the brush on the inside of the jar lid. Dab again on your hand to avoid clumps then apply to brow with small upward strokes. (A makeup artist taught me this. I am forever grateful to her.) Oh, and the best upside? No nasty chemicals. This is a mineral-based powder. Find the powder or the complete Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals Essential Brow Kit at Sephora.com.

Beauty Find: Get Glossy with a Pixi Pout

In my continuing quest for all-natural products, Pixi came across my desk. I am mad, simply mad about Pixi's fluid lip creme. It's shorter than your index finger and thus perfect for small purses, clutches and pockets. The color is even and lasts nearly all day. It is creamy, so re-apply after meals. Pixi Fluid Lip Creme 1 seems to work with lots of skin tones, too. The duo lip gloss is a compact, 2-for-1 set that shines up any other lipstick you may already have on. Great coverage for bare lips, too. "Classic" is pretty close to nude. For the most staying power and the bare feel, the lip brush on the duo gloss wins hands down. The color is so vibrant and stays all day long. Unless you lick it off, they come in tasty flavors like lemon & lime, mint, and melon. The lip lacquer is just that, a thick but not gooey dab of color. It's less messy than MAC's lacquer but still it is thick so be prepared, if you have long hair, it will get stuck to your lips so pull it back and let the focus go to your glossy pout. Pixi Lip Lacquer Nini is a humble but warm and shiny choice. A great find from Sephora.com

Deal Alert: La Redoute lingerie sale

Bras under $30. Camis to layer with. Comfy yet sexy sleepwear. Thongs & panties. What more could a girl want? 15% off. So get it at La Redoute, where French women shop. Enter coupon#1651-00102-368 upon checkout. Now through Oct. 12th.

Trend: Plum Luck

I love purple. Aubergine, plum, eggplant, lavender — whatever name you call it, I love it. With rich textures and endless style options, you can add a little plum to your wardrobe this fall. The purse to end all quests: Clava Racing Bowler. The colors are dynamite and it has enough room for the kitchen sink. Velvet or silk? Silk or velvet? Why choose when you can have both? I would alter both skirts to graze the knee — all the better for knee boots. Cuffed, collared and with a full skirt, you cannot go wrong in this vintage print by Diane von Furstenberg. Great with pumps, flats or boots. And for that tweed need, this Speigel pump is perfect.

Deal Alert: Urban Outfitters 25% off sale items

Butterfly sheets and wall art. Cassette tape belt buckle and Puma motorsport bag for men. Free People to Miss Sixty togs for women. Pretty cool stuff.

Deal Alert: PB Teen 75% off

Before you pooh-pooh Pottery Barn Teen, take a look. I've snagged outdoor chairs and tables, wall art and even lamps at this "young" site. Curtains, rugs, shelving. Mirrors, throw pillows and messenger bags. Plus they have that Hawaiian-surfer thing down.

A Find: The Candle Favor

Eager to appear like the perfect bridesmaid or maid of honor? The Candle Favor can probably help. Packaged in simple tins, these paraffin wax blend candles can deliver your message or remind guests of a special day (wedding, birth announcement, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary). Using recycled papers and reused paper shreds, the box and tins are elegantly presented. Frangrances inclue rose, clean cotton, magnolia, freesia and honeydew melon. Both votive size tin and 6-ounce tin have unique art on the top. The beauty of the Candle Favor is you can shop the prepackaged gifts or customize art and scent. A good find at thecandlefavor.com

Trend: Tweed Need

The tweeds today are not boring or drab. They come in maroon and teal in addition to brown and black. Get a little daring and add some to your closet this season. This Alfani jacket has a very feminine shape and the color is soft, too. J Jill's soft, feminine clothing surprises with a tweed applique. Very versatile. If your pants are in need of replacement or repair, this cuffed Anne Klein number could easily be a fall staple. And for more color, try Speigel's take on tweed this fall.

A Find: East Four’s Miracle Oil

I was cruising a Diane von Furstenberg event as blowouts, manicures and wine were offered. Next to the manicure set was Molly Green who was giving away Miracle Oil. Anything with "miracle" in its name I'm skeptical of. But over 6 months later, I can honestly say: This product rocks. A mere 0.5 ounces has lasted me quite a while and I've used it on my cuticles, flip-flop between-toe, slingback heels and lips. It's moisturizing without being greasy and it has a faint, pleasant smell. Find your own uses for this miracle product at at eastfour.com.

A Find: Joya Candles

Candles usually mean smoke and dripping wax to clean up. Not so with Joya Candles. These elegant and simple candles avoid drips and excess heat. And, thanks to vegetable wax, there's NO SMOKE! I was given a humble votive of lemongrass & guava as a "thank you" from a co-worker. Without lighting it, the gentle (it was very gentle) fragrance graced my cube for days and people near me smiled. A clear acrylic box and organza bow enveloped the votive — no wrapping needed. And such is the care with which each candle is presented, whether it's a 2-inch pillar or a 2-wick jar. And the fragrance! Unlit, it is subtle. Lit, it is sublime. I'm addicted to gardenia & honeysuckle. Lilac & cyclamen are perfect for the bathroom. Cassis & green ivy for the kitchen. Juniper & vetiver for bedroom. With 15 fragrances, there's plenty to choose from. Handmade in New York City, the candles comprise essential oils, palm oil kernels and cotton wicks — uber-natural. The upside: no smoke, no drips, no synthentic stuff, amazing fragrance and beautiful packaging. What more could you ask for? A great find at joyacandle.com

Deal Alert: La Redoute 20% off

Now through Wednesday, Sept. 28, La Redoute is having a 20% off sale on their fall collection. The Parisian store has loads of classy, Euro styles to choose from. Use coupon #1651-00060-368 at checkout.

Deal Alert (Local): Bloomies Rug Sale

If you're in White Plains, Westchester County or nearby, Bloomingdales is have a sale on handmade and Oriental rugs Saturday, Sept. 24-Monday, Oct. 10. 65-75% off original prices. Address: 175 Bloomingdale Road, White Plains NY 10605 Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 9:00pm; Sunday 11:00am - 7:00pm Phone Number: 914-684-6200

Deal Alert: Speigel Home Sale

Now through Sunday, September 25, Speigel has deep discounts on bedding, rugs, window treatments and more. Nesting bowls and juicers to ottomans and tie backs. Also check out their Home Clearance section.

Trend: Green Scene

Store window displays and the runway are filled with my two favorite colors this fall: Green and Purple. I'm in heaven with all the options this season. For those of us willing to stretch the summer wardrobe into fall with the lush look of satin, Custo Barcelona has a non-trad slip skirt that hits right at the knee — perfect for knee boots. More satin, more luxe can be worn to the office in Trina Turk's take on a tuxedo blouse. Great with skirts or pants, it's a rich color begging for chocolate, dark gray and black pairings. This is the perfect top for fishnets. These shoes by M by Morenatom are begging for textured hose. And with a stacked heel, you won't wobble around. Wrap up a little femme, a little fur with Speigel's private label crochetted cardigan. Instantly dresses up cotton or silk tanks and camis.

Trend: Cords Galore!

From 22-gauge wale that feels like velvet to thick, nubby wale you can see from across the room, corduroy is in again. Most textile manufacturers are blending cotton with rayon and spandex to mimic the look of cord with the flexibility of modern synthetics. The result is forgiving fabric in a wide array of colors. With jean pant styling, these Indigo Palms trousers are soft to the touch. The color options (caramel, chocolate and vine) are very versatile and easy on the eyes. Gap's simple, 2-pocket skirt is cut on the bias and, although the model here is quite tall, will fall just below the knee. Thankfully, the side zip cuts down on bulkiness. Also in brown. This lucious, dark plum blazer is sure to stop traffic. The pairing with silk you see here is perfect for office or evening (depending on your cami's foxy factor). Speigel's collared, long-sleeved, belted cord dress rounds out your options. You can wear it as a coat or dress — snap-front and spandex are in your favor. Lastly, these stitched ankle boots may be too high (3 1/2 inches) for everyday but make a great statement.

Buy a purse, Plant a tree!

Thank goodness there are more and more companies who not only pay lip service to the environment but actually DO something about it. Enter Ecoist.com. Marisa Rey designs each unique piece made from candy and food wrappers that would have been landfill fodder (they were misprinted or overrun). During a recent trip to Central California, I had rave reviews for this brightly-colored and unique clutch. The wrist strap is the perfect length, not too long, not too snug. And it's slightly rubbery so it doesn't fall off. Since returning to New York, I've donned a bright yellow tote. Smartly, there's a detachable zippered pouch inside where you can tuck keys and credit cards. I get inquiries about these purses everytime i wear them -- from both men and women. I enjoy telling people how it's made and that a tree is planted for each purchase and less waste is going to the landfill. Talk about feel-good consumerism! A great find at Ecoist.com.

Men: Sex up your chest

Tired of the drab shirts your man is wearing? Sex up his outfit with a tee or 2 from Custo Barcelona. Comfy and stylish clothing with attitude -- for over 20 years. Unique designs and vibrant colors using quality screen-printing with original textiles. Watch him coming and going in this sleeveless tee: For the meat-lover there's a short-sleeved Vache tee: And for the guy that's all about cars: A great find at www.custo-barcelona-shop.com.

Swimwear Solutions for the Buxom Woman

The problem with a lot of swimwear made for the busty among us is that it can tend to look matronly. But we searched the web and we able to find several styles that offered support while still being sexy: Bravissimo specializes in lingerie, clothing and swimwear “for big boobed women” and their pieces have style and panche. Based in Britain, you pay more for shipping, but it's hard to find their wonderfully cheekiness State-side. A conservative bandeau: A fun 2-piece that really supports and you can chose between 2 bottoms: Newport News has some separates as well as one-pieces that are fun. If you want to completely downplay your bust, this ballet neckline is great: Venus Swimwear has some gorgeous fabrics in many, many options. Tankini, Brazilian thong, medium bottom, full bottom, underwire tops, triangle tops...the list goes on. Look on the left navigation to shop by style. You can also shop by fabric or color. This style of top offers moderate support:

Find: White, Bright & Full of Light

It's raining and cold in New York (wah) but I'm still looking forward to summer...and getting to wear white. These are some of my favorite things this season: For those chilly evenings or to dress up a tank Pow Wow Sequin Cardigan -- from Nordstrom: Perfect summer dress from edressme. To the office with a wrap or cardigan and out on the town -- bare arms or that cute bolero above: If you haven't chosen your summer skirt that goes with everything, here it is -- from JCrew: Everday comfort and easy on the wallet. What more could you ask from a white summer shoe? And look at these *cute* soles! On Shoes.com by Irregular Choice: For the evenings that call for hot heels and perfect pedicures again from shoes.com by Carlos Santana (who knew?): A simple wrap top from Chadwicks. Everyday comfort and style. Dress it up or down:

Beauty Find: Verbena=Underrated!

I love clean, citrus-y scents but I'm highly allergic to citrus oil on my skin. Verbena is an herb and, used cosmetically, provides a clean scent. Savon de~luxe makes some yummy (and cheap at $5) soaps, scrubs and lotions. I'm digging their Bain de-luxe Foaming Body Scrub -- in Verbena -- of course. You can buy it on drugstore.com.

Paris Fashion at Your Fingertips

La Redoute is known by Parisian women -- as the first in France and third in the world for direct-mail catalog sales. And their clothing line is now available in the U.S. With H&M prices but couture style, it's a sin *not* to order online. For the office, check out this subtle but sexy crepe dress: This pretty but not-too-floral jersey cotton & voile v-neck looks great with jeans or a linen skirt: And these pointy, embroidered flats perk up any summer outfit: Get this: There's nothing over $50 on this list. And for my total of $129 for 4 items, a mere $14 shipping is oh-so-worth-it. Shop La Redoute's Clearance Department up to 60% Off!

Beauty Find: Good Enough to Eat

Men love food. And when *we* smell like food, they notice. This morning I tried Cose Fini's Hazelnut Buttercream Yum Yum Sugar Scrub (say that 10 times fast). It exfoliates and moisturizes without threat of wiping out in the tub. And then I put on Cake Beauty's Super-Lux Body Crème in Dolce. Smells like a dolce de leche, reminding me of Argentina. Yum. And the boys at work noticed, too.

Beauty Find: Shea Butter — YUM!

Almost any lotion with shea butter makes my knees weak. Emolient, silky...aaah. CoseFini's White Ginger body lotion is all-natural with shea butter. Very subtle scent, conveniently skinny plastic bottle (perfect for the gym), and light on the skin. And for the office, I highly recommend their Lemongrass hand cream. Everyone in the office seems to perk up a bit when I open the jar. The scent screams "Spring!"

Crazy for Daizy

So you're skin is a tad pale from that extended winter and tanning booths are *not* an option. Perk up your complexion with Daizy body & eye shimmer. The creamy Shimmer Tint comes in a compact .5 oz pump. A little dab goes a very long way. Touch your collarbones or shoulders -- even legs -- for a little extra sparkle. It's not too teen-dream obnoxious. The smell is a cross of tiramisu and champagne (the name of it, incidentally). Once the cream is set, it stays for a few hours. I prefer the Eye Lights, a loose powder that can be dusted on brows or cheeks for an extra glow. Perfect for a skin-pick-up for after work cocktail hour.

Beauty Find: Talc-free Eye Makeup

All-Natural Eye Makeup In my quest for "good for your skin" natural makeup without talc and other icky additives, I returned to Jane Iredale for eye makeup. They carry a wide variety of individual shadow colors (wow, 31) plus 6 duos and 6 trios. That's alot of color choices. Now, when a company says their eye shadow doesn't crease, I never believe them. Iredale keeps it's promise (10 hours!). Impressive. They have 5 eye pencil colors, 5 brow colors and 7 mascara options. I was in HEAVEN. I *love* colored mascara -- and they are one of the few natural cosemtic companies to offer COLOR other than brown or black (boring). Wine and Teal are super sexy and the Navy is super subtle. It dresses up your eyes instantly -- perfect for those day when all you want is lipgloss and colored mascara. The brow colors have a wand (like mascara) but go on super light and don't clump (amazing). Plus Iredale outpaces the natural cosmetics market with its simple, sleek packaging. Make your purchase at janeiredale.com.