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In Your Closet NYC Will Help You Make Room For All The Cheap Designer Stuff You’re About To Buy

The best ideas are born from necessity, and this gem of a site is no exception. In Your Closet NYC was created out of a need to make New York rent (not an easy feat). After they had finished selling off their own goods, the founders started selling other people's vintage and designer stuff on eBay, eventually creating an entire site around the concept. As a buyer, the site is ideal for those who aren't comfortable searching eBay on their own for the labels, or bargains, they want. You can buy great pieces for less than $20. Sellers can hand over their vintage clothes without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining the sales.    Among the many designer handbags and accessories, we found these Marc Jacobs silver ballet flats for $100 and this vintage varsity sweater for a mere $13. 

For Perfect Skin, Don’t Forget To Drink Your Blueberries

What: Dr Brandt's Anti-Oxidant Water Booster, $35Why: Because a drop will do you some big-time good. It's just like your mom always said-- you are what you eat. Or in this case, you look like what you drink. This year's unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on your complexion, but don't let outside factors determine what comes from within! Dr. Brandt's Anti-Oxidant Water Booster  not only tastes delicious (coming in blueberry, green apple and pomegranate), but you can immediately begin to feel its cleansing power by the end of your first glass. Using white tea, green tea, grapeseed extract and lo han (a member of the squash family), this natural answer to external beauty will leave your skin more radiant, your pigmentation more neutralized and actually will do a fairly good job of cleaning your colon out (in the gentlest of ways) as it works its magic. Get Yours: Sephora.com  

Your Thong Won’t See The Light Of Day In DL1961 Denim

What: DL1961 Denim As Seen On: Blake Lively Why: When you first put yourself in a pair of DL1961 denim, you will not take them off for at least three consecutive days (this happened to me). You will also notice that the denim will not lose its original shape, and neither your underwear, thong nor derrière will come anywhere near seeing the light of day. A pure, XFit Lycra -induced affair will begin. XFit means that the Lycra woven into the jean stretches four ways. For you, that translates to the most comfortable jeans on the face of the planet. Choose from a variety of cuts to fit every body type out there, including Blake's Melissa ($168) and the Milano ($160).  Get Yours: dl1961 and National Jean CompanyDon't forget to peruse our Denim Guide for more styles that will flatter any figure. 

Palmer’s Will Pretty Much Take Care Of Your Entire Body (Including Hair) For Less Than $5

What: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, $4.13Why: Sitting at the bottom of every chain drugstore shelf is truly one of the world's most glittering skincare gems. Palmer's Cocoa Butter might not seem like anything fancy, but when it comes to taking care of your skin, this less-than $5 lotion reigns king. And aside from healing dry skin, soothing sunburn, and lessening the appearance of stretch marks, Palmer's helps with flyaways! Rub a bit of this magic lotion in your hands, apply to hair, and watch your strands settle down. You can also, of course, choose from a variety of their more specialized brands should you want to target more specific needs; however, nothing does it for skin and hair quite the way that the classic Palmer's does.Get Yours: Drugstore.com  

Planet Botanicals Helps The Earth, Ugandan Women….And Won’t Clog Your Pores

What: Planet Botanicals Body Balm, $34 Why: Because good moisture comes from the Earth. Using the hydrating and qualities of East African shea butter and rosehip oils, this magical balm is sourced straight from female aritsans in Uganda. A small dab will heal and hydrate your skin with unlikely efficiency, offering aid to hands, feet, lips, face and even your hair should you need it. It's status as 100% au natural will clog nary a pore where your skin is more sensitive and do the job better than any man-made product could dream. It's also perfect for the impeding winter. And to make matters better, all ingredients are sustainably sourced, not only offering commerce to vendors in remote regions across the world but also doing so while being environmentally mindful. Get Yours: planetbotanicals.com  

They Don’t Look Like Much, But Mario Badescu Products Are Pleasantly Surprising

What: Mario Badescu Skin Products Why: There is no exception to the rule that all Mario Badescu products are nearly flawless in their results. Low on chemical additives, everything from seaweed to grapefruit is cleverly mixed into his low-profiled bottles and viles. Serums, anti-white head drying gels, masks, exfoliants, soaps, and sun products are some of the best stuff that's out there... and will cost you less than the average department store brand. With a list of adoring fans that includes everyone from Joaquin Phoenix to Ashley Judd, Badescu has also formulated special lines of products for conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. Fill out an online questionnaire  and receive samples straight to your home! And if you happen to be near the New York salon & spa, we highly recommend their 1.5 hour facial and massage for $60.Get Yours: Amazon.com

Eco-Chic: Deity Of Hair Plant Is Seriously A Conditioner From The Gods

What: Deity of Hair Plant Conditioner For Hair Loss, $10 Why: The gods simply must be crazy, because we've all been spending $30 on fancy conditioner... when all you may ever need is a $10 bottle made in Nepal. Deity of Hair's Plant Conditioner For Hair Loss is a 100% naturally packed punch of detox for your hair and scalp, softener for your strands, and an added dose of shine. It's gentle enough to use on a child and its cleansing properties cut right through grease, leaving your tresses supple and shimmering. And, of course, as its name denotes, it's made especially for those of us who are losing our locks. Get Yours: amazon.com  

Celeb Summer Dresses: Sienna Miller

 What: Gypsy05 Silk Flower Tank Dress, $135  Who doesn’t love a girly, fancy-free dress for summer? Sienna Miller does it simple and right with her Gypsy 05 Silk Flower Tank dress. The t-shirt company, known for its attention to detail via silkscreening and lace, branches out to a totally adorable dress. Though it looks fabulous on Sienna, you don’t need to be a rising star to have your own. The dress rings in at $135. You can pair it up with a pair of industrial boots (as she did here), or even a pair of flats of flip flops. The options are limitless, making it an ideal piece for most summer situations.Get Yours: singer22.com Shop our Guide to Summer Dresses for more trendy picks of the season.  

Potato Sacks Of The Rich And Famous

What: Oat Couture by WeBe Bags , $30 -$100 Why: Born on the Grenadine Islands in the Carribbean, WeBe Bags (short for “We Be Bags, Mon!”) is a clever-- if not post-trendy-- way to carry your goods, and be kind to our Mother Earth. Touted as Oat Couture (get it?), the bags are reconstructed coffee, feed, and money sacks, using only colorful fabrics and sail ties. Coming in styles ranging from purse to hand to messenger, the bags have also garnered quite the celebrity buzz. Rapper 50 Cent requested the Australian Money Bags for him and his friends at Sundance, and the bags were the official bag of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. It works well that the creators are originally from Park City, UT, but hey. If it’s good enough for Fitty, it’ll look oh-so-much cooler on us, ladies. And it won't take a superstar rapper's salary to own one.Get Yours: webebags.com

Smokey Eyes 101: Pop Beauty Eye Class

What: Pop Beauty’s Eye Class—Smokey Eyes, $32 Why: Have a hard time perfecting that smokey eye look? With everything from Smokey Steel liner to Green Olive-Gold lid finishers, London Pop Beauty’s Smokey Eyes kit can transform you from a Plain Jane to a seductive creature of the night in minutes. The kit comes with a palette of 12 colors that serve as everything from base to liner for a girl who likes her eyes done up with a little mystery. Just to make things even easier, it also includes a little set of instructions for those of us who are less-than professional with a set of brushes. Get yours now and have date make-up ready by Friday night. Get Yours: Amazon 

Oprah Attacks Hillary With A Sharp Object: What You, Too, Can Do For Cancer

Step aside, Jose Eber.... Oprah's got a brand new bag. Though better known for her uplifting spirit, book club, and thyroid problem, what you probably didn't know about Oprah is that she now cuts hair. Whipping out a pair of scissors in the name of cancer, Oprah took nine inches off Academy Award-winning actress Hillary Swank's locks as a part of her Oprah's Great American Haircut show.Swank grew out her hair for months before the show in support of Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program designed to collect hair to make wigs for women battling cancer. Their goal--to collect a million-inch chain of donated hair. A human-hair wig usually costs around $1,200, a high price to pay for women funneling most of their funds into fighting a disease. What can you do to help out? Chop off at least eight inches of your own hair, and follow these instructions on how to donate. Just don't ask Oprah to do it, unless you want to pay Hollywood prices to fix it.And here are a couple of products to help you transition to your new, boyish 'do: 1. Frederic Fekkai Coiff Tousled Wave Spray ($23) is a great way to pretend that you've either just stepped off the plane from St Barts or that your bed-head look was totally on purpose. A few, quick sprays give you the perfect beachy look, not to mention time to adjust to your short hair.  2. Likely the best hair gel on earth, Meros Hair Foundation Jell ($17) cures all problems from dry hair to frizz to UV damage and beyond. And boy, does it leave a beautiful luster. A great way to tame your locks-- curly or straight--as you figure out the ropes with your new short style.  

Just In: Halloween Costume Quick Guide

It's already halfway through October! Time is running out on choosing your alter-ego for this year's parties. From coquettish to classic, storybook to superfly, there’s no end to the fun you can have on All Hallow’s Eve. Problem is, finding a costume takes time you probably don’t have, so here’s a quick-fix guide to some serious costume hunting: For the sexy, it should come as no surprise that Fredericks of Hollywood does it up for Holly-ween. From a smokin’ Native Princess Costume to amazing wigs (think Afro, Cleopatra-style, and that perfect volume you've always dreamt about.) Henry and June also play up the naughty with everything from the Pirate Cutie to the Cuddly Lion (with hilarious, furry anklets). Have fun, it's the one time of a year where no one can call you out for dressing like a 'ho. If a more classic approach to costuming is your thing, the Discovery Store has a beautiful selection of historical figures you can emulate from the Queen of the Nile to Woodland Faerie all priced under $100. And, let us never forget the secret gems one might find, scouring Ren sites for the traditional bawdy wench and ye olde Maid Marian wannabes. The Disney Store is an obvious choice. Favorites are Cruella DeVil (complete with wig and purse) and the eye-catching Queen of Hearts. Completely clueless on a character? Try Anytime Costumes literally has everything from Austin Powers to the Pink Ladies to Cowboys and Indians and superheroes (and they have plus sizes too). And, of course-- one must always accessorize. Sometimes, that's all you need to whip up something with clothes you already have. Target.com has the most comprehensive list of affordable (almost all under $19.99) swords, slippers, wigs, fangs and cloaks out there, not to mention some serious pet costumes. Women can shop by price point and size, they offer a good selection of plus sizes. But whatever you choose to wear, BEWARE! You may experience death by trick-or-treat chocolate. And you single ladies, be safe. Halloween is the #1 night for one-night stands...

Beauty Find: A Tea Facewash For All Seasons

What: Bath Body Spa's Multi-Tea Cleanser Why: With all the wacky weather we've been having, it's hard to say if you should wear a jacket or be prepared to walk into a hot plastic bag every morning. Such fickle times can wreak havoc on your skin, drying it out one day and making it impossibly greasy the next. This "multi-tea" cleanser -- made with aloe, green, white and rooibos teas -- not only detoxifies your skin, but rinses clean and is suitable for all skin types, including dry, senstive, combination and mature skin. Good for all weather, it might be the only consistent thing your face feels until the seasons change.Price: $12.75 (2oz.); $18.56 (4oz)Get Yours: BathBodySpa.com 

Beauty Find: Lashes for the Lachrymose

What: Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara Why: Not only does Tarte come up trumps with a truly waterproof mascara on the inside (that's safe for those of us sensitive skin), it comes in a nifty, denim pirate case that keeps the water outside it, too. Not only is it cute, it's sensible... making it a beauty must-have for beach combers and crybabies alike.Price: $18.00Get Yours: Sephora.com

Beauty Find: The Queen of Lipsticks

What: Kanebo International's "The Lipstick"Why: You know a lipstick isn't kidding around when it's prefaced by "the." Everything Kanebo makes are some of the most equisite and luxurious beauty products available (like their mascara), and their lipstick is no exception. Kimono-inspired, highly pigmented color doesn't stain or smear, and it's injected with 24-karat gold silk powder that offers deep hydration to keep your lips as moist as they are kissable, catapulting The Lipstick into royalty status. Price: $50Get Yours: BergdorfGoodman.com 

Good Question: Short-Torso Solutions

From a Reader: Just read the article on finding the perfect T shirt. There was something for the long torso, something for the athletic torso, and then NOTHING. What about those of us  who have short torsos?Answer: Though the advent of the low-rise jean did much to empancipate the sartorial plight of the short-torsoed woman, it seems as though a backlash in shirts for the long-torsoed ensued. These days, there are plenty of shirts that cater to the long of body (who often have shorter legs), but what about those of us who've got the legs but less body? While we have a selection of tees that will suit your shape beautifully, there are a few things you should always remember: 1. Choose high-waisted tops (and dresses). The empire waist does a world of good to lengthen bodies and hide unsightly rolls.2. Stick to fluid fabrics. The better ability a fabric has to drape, the better it will lie long across your shorter body (and hide what you don't want to share in public)3. Wear anything that adds vertical lines, from center and princess seams to pin stripes.4. Take it easy on accessories, but if you do love to spangle yourself… plan accordingly. Stockier bodies should wear more slender jewelry.5. Go for the monochromatic look. Sticking to one color will not draw attention to parts of you that leave room to be desired. Also, darker colors are known to be slimming.Some great shirts for you:Empire Waist: The TOMMY HILFIGER Tie-Back Empire-Waist Tunic ($45 @ Macys.com) has a plunging V-neck to help elongate the torso, plus slimming cap sleeves and the Embroidered Empire Top ($44 @ Ann Taylor Loft) shapes and brings the eye upwards. Draped Fabric: The Banana Republic Shirred-front bubble top in mulled spice berry ($38) lengthens with sloping vertical lines and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This BCBG Max Azria Bubble Tie Sweater ($54 @ Nordtrom.com) elongates from neck to hip. Princess Seam and Vertical Stripes: Slightly angled strips, as in this Romeo & Juliet Couture grey stripe jersey hooded tunic ($45 @ Bluefly.com), give the illusion of length and a slimmer middle. This Victoria's Secret Sleeveless Stretch Poplin shirt ($28) uses strategically placed seams to create a streamlined silhouette.

Stain Solutions: How to Clean Leather

Cleaning leather—much less lifting stains from it—can be a tricky business. Should you stain your leather, whether it be a fancy Prada purse, your retro leather pants or your beloved Manolos, you may be in trouble, however, here are a few need-to-know tips for when tossing out your clothes and acessories is not an option.* Always spot test! Leather has a tendency to discolor and stain even worse when treated improperly. When in doubt -- take your goods to a pro who can dry clean your leather products safely. For Treated Leather: Lather up a little bit of moisturizing soap (like Dove) and water on a washcloth. Rub, wipe away the suds with a damp cloth, then buff to finish with another dry towel, preferably a microfiber one. For Untreated Leather: For most types of leather-cleaning, there is clearly one solution: Murphy's Oil Soap. Used by saddlers and fancy handbag-wielders alike, its gentle formula does a fabulous job of cleaning and conditioning your leather without affecting its tan. And, it works beautifully on wooden floors to boot. For more fabulous tips on how to clean leather (like using rubbing alcohol on ink marks), check out this great guide from The Queen of Clean at DIY. And you might also be interested in our posts on How to Care for Your Handbags, Cleaning Patent Leather and our new Laundry Solutions guide.

Stain Solutions TIp: How to Remove Blood Stains

Though most of us think the death of our fabric is blood, think again. Blood stains are easily the quickest stains to lift with these super easy solutions. But remember, don't wait; the sooner you attack a stain, the better. And of course, never just toss a soiled garment into the washer. You must remove the stain before laundering, otherwise, you'll never get the stain out. When at HomeThere are many things you probably already own that are perfect for removing blood stains. The simplest of products is in your freezer. Place an ice cube (or cubes, depending on the size) over the fresh blood stain and wait until the cubes melt. By the time they do, you can bet the blood will be gone. Wash immediately in cold water with your favorite detergent.Another great tool is hydrogen peroxide, which is ideal on dried blood stains. Pour some into a bowl and sumberge the stained clothing into the bowl and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and the stain should be gone. Follow up by laundering the garment in cold water. When on the GoSometimes we just simply don't have the luxury of a nearby washer and dryer. While blotting with club soda is a common remedy for removing stains in public (along with the less feminine spit and rub method), we're also fond of carrying a stain wipe in our purse as a discrete and effective alternative that really gets the job done with minimal effort.You can try OxiClean Instant Spot Remover Wipes or Shout Wipes, Portable Stain Treater Towelettes. Both are color-safe, individually wrapped and easy to use when you're out and about. Our favorite part is that they won't leave you with a big wet stain on the front of your shirt like you get when dousing yourself with club soda. Both cost less than $3 each.  

Lips That Don’t Stick: Flirt! Cosmetics

What: Flirt! SQUEEZE ME Super Shiny Lip Gloss Why: How obnoxious is it when you find a great lip gloss… and also your hair stuck to it on any day that isn’t 100% humidity? Worse yet, is that the glosses with the greatest colors are somehow also the stickiest. Say goodbye to tasting your hair when you don’t want to, and hello to Flirt!'s Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss. Their super-saturated colors and ultra-shine are divine, and they even taste good. You’ll be looking sexy, and sexy won’t mean wiping gloss off the side of your face when no one's looking. Price: $9 Get Yours: Kohl's

Summer Skin: Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion

What: Clarins 'Truly Matte' Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion Why: Summer usually means two things when it comes to face care, and it doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have: unwanted shine and unwanted grease and grime. Fight the elements with this super summer skin saver. Though it’s formulated for oily skin, it works just as well as a gentle moisturizer for women with drier skin too. Either way, your face won’t be shiny and it will feel strangely back to normal in no time. It's a must-have for those of us plagued with humid weather. Price: $38 Get Yours: Nordstrom.com Find more great beauty picks for battling the heat in our guide to Waterproof Makeup.

Fragrance Find: Missoni Eau de Toilette

What: Missoni Eau de Toilette Why: A smell that can instantly snap you into a good mood is a must-have secret weapon. Purveyors of addictively gorgeous knitwear Missoni introduce a new Eau de Toilette this spring. Every bit as seductive as its predecessor, the new Missoni has warm undertones of fluid amber and Gianduia Chocolate, peppered with cheerful bursts of bergamot, lemon and sparkling mandarin. The floral notes of magnolia and rose make for a scent that’s as classic as it is modern, and playful as it is sophisticated. And its warmth mixed in with its visions of a flowery, bright spring really help a girl get through recent weeks that are 40 degrees one day, and 70 another on an even keel. Price: $85 Get Yours: NeimanMarcus.com

Trend Alert: “Green” Jeans

In a partnership with hipster, NYC-based brand Rogan (who teamed up with U2’s Bono), yet another high-minded denim company has made a significant splash in the denim scene. They're called Loomstate and their mantra is “People who give a shit are sexy.” But what do these sexy people care about, exactly? The environment, of course, and the support of small farmers of 100% organic cotton. Loomstate has been flying strong since its debut a couple years ago, combating pollution and factory farms one pair of highly detailed jeans at a time. We love the the cute little tag on your fly that says “Nature Calls” reminds you that natural can mean sexy. Get a pair of Loomstate twilight slim 'Ethos' jeans at Bluefly.com. More places to score Loomstate at ShopStyle.

SheFinds Was There: NYC Sniffapalooza, Spring 2007

If ever there were a boot camp for the olfactory-obsessed, Sniffapalooza would be it. Sniff this: A full weekend in New York (though they have events in LA, too) that kicks off with a breakfast bonanza at Bergdorf Goodman followed by stops at Henri Bendel, Takashimaya, Saks, Bond No 9, Le Labo, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Lafco NY and Aedes de Venustas. It's non-stop beauty and fragrance for 48 consecutive hours, plus goody bags, cupcakes, lectures from masters of the perfume world, luncheons at chic restaurants and new, “perfume passionista” buddies made for life. It’s hard to sum up the anxious fervor of more than a hundred people who fly to New York from everywhere from Dallas to Switzerland to share their love of scent. Wide-eyed and busy-tailed from as early as 9am on Saturday, Sniffapalooza unleashed its noses on counters all across the city, making for quite the exciting—if not exhausting—marathon of fragrances. What started as a small gathering of woman who would talk and shop smell, has now turned into the all-encompassing, unrelentingly uplifting Sniffapalooza, organized by two Karens—Dubin and Adams (or Little Karen and Big Karen), respectively. For a small registration fee, you too can enter the world of fragrances along with a supportive network of fellow afficionados. With a day of great food and amazing shopping finished with a fabulous makeover from an adjoining makeup counter, what more can a woman ask for? If you’re lucky, a celebrity fragrance lover will show up to your event too… Team Karen with Actor Alan Cumming

A Find: For the Bride-to-Be

What: Vow Fragrance Why: Are you looking for a special way to remember your wedding day? Are all your girlfriends tying the knot? Let your nose do the work, since nothing lingers in the memory more strongly than a scent. Vow Fragrances "nose" that fact well, so they've developed an annual line of fragrances based around your special day. This year's Vow 2007 is a delightful blend with pink Tiger Lily as the centerpiece, wrapped with notes of Champagne rose petals, lotus flower, solar orchid, jasmine and orange blossoms. The scent is intimate and effervescent at the same time. What better matrimonial olfactory setting can you ask for? Designed by former Chanel parfumer Alix Miral, you can register Vow 2007 (and all other Vow Fragrances) online, making it easy for you to replenish the scent of your wedding 'till death do you part. Price: $60 Get Yours: VowFragrance.com

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (and a curious collection of scents)

Though American readers may be more familiar with Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume, almost every student in Western Europe instead grew up reading Patrick Suskind's Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Set it Rococo, putrid 18th-Century France, the novel tells of the arc of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, an obsessive hero who, shall we say, kills to find the world's most beautiful, virginal scent. Redolent with intense imagery, human desire and descriptions of the alchemy of perfume-construction, the story is not only one of love and death, but also a useful learning tool for anybody who wants to know more about the olfactory world. After years of failed attempts, the book has finally come to the big screen, directed by Tom Twyker (Run, Lola, Run) and starring Dustin Hoffman, Alan Rickman and young, English Shakespearian star Ben Whishaw. A movie that poignantly reflects the viscerally passionate implications of scent, it is one whose themes are so universal, not a nose will be left untouched in its trail. But as luck would have it, the movie is not only extension of the novel. When French enfant terrible of contemporary perfumery Christophe Laudamiel learned that his favorite novel was finally making it behind cameras, he and his colleagues at IFF (International Food and Fragrances) proposed a novel idea: to re-create scenes of the movie in scent. And, with the help of Thierry Mugler, Laudamiel created a coffret of 15 perfumes that match to some of the more pungent scenes from the movie. Perhaps the most captivating is Aura, built as a second skin to mimic your own natural scent; however the mind-blowing collection of beautifully psychological scents travels through the novels' most odiferous nooks and crannies, from the scent of a baby, to the sea, to a cave, to the streets of Paris (not for the weak of nose!), to the smell of lust. The movie alone is a riveting, beautiful display, but along with its accompanying set of scents what simply started off as a book (written by a man who has no experience in perfumery whatsoever) has now made for a once-in-a-lifetime sensory experience. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer opened in theaters December 27. Buy the limited-edition coffret at Thierry Mugler

Trend Alert: Frye Goes Less Boot, More Retro

Thinking of Zappos.com

Discover New Designers: Pequito Bun

Pequito Bun is a creative outlet filled to the brim with charming, sturdily constructed jewelry and accessories. All hand made from vintage materials, you’ll find irresistibly adorable pearl hoops, 50’s perfume bottles, brooches, glass and other knickknacks thoughtfully deconstructed and remade as unique necklaces (such as Thoreau), handbags (Going to the Ritz For Tea) and earrings with a sense of humor (Old Hollywood). All of the earring wires are gold-filled, so they're kind to your skin, and they’ll never fall apart. Perfect for the young and young at heart, most items are also easy on the wallet, priced anywhere from $17-$78. And, how can you not adore a site named after a pet lop-eared bunny? Find it: PequtioBun.com

Site Review: It’s a Wonderbra Life!

Cleavage Plunging Of course, it might actually be more fun for men to poke around on, but Wonderbra’s new WonderYou website really does answer every question you might humanly have about push up bras and the breasts they levitate. Broken into four effects—Uplift, Rounded, Plunging and Cleavage—you can simply and quickly use the Bra Finder to explore which bra will bring you the effects you desire. And all the while, tastefully racy shots of cute girls and their uplifted chests remind you just how sexy and sophisticated you can feel too… once you figure out which bra is your “ideal Wonderbra.” Jokes aside, the site is quite useful if you’re having a hard time figuring out what look is right for you, or a given outfit, and the answers to almost any bra-related question you might have are only a click away! Find a great selection of discounted Wonderbras at onehanesplace.com. Wonderbra Extravagance Push-Up Bra

Trend Alert: Call of the Wild

Contrary to popular belief, the right to rock animal prints is not reserved only for hookers, bad 80's throwbacks and Cruella DeVil. Jane of the Jungle is fabulous this fall—from accessories, to apparel, and footwear. Follow your fierce, animal instinct. Animal prints are a status symbol, think Upper East Side socialite, just beware of going too far into the wild. Prints bring glaring attention to themselves. So do the public a favor, and keep your stripes, spots and skins on your classier assets and far away from your bigger ones. The BCBGirls 'Mika' Pump in leopard have a sock cushion insole for comfort when walking the concrete jungle. London Sole Ballet Flats in animal prints were a fave a Fashion Week. The Robert Rodriguez Bubble Dress combines the big belt trend and the bubble with a classic silhouette and the animal print, a winner in the fall trend department. Gwen Stefani knows about walking on the wild side. Her L.A.M.B. line is full of printed pieces. L.A.M.B. hooded blazer at Nordstrom.com Ibisco Cotton Velvet Zebra Capelet down to $49.99 from $280 at SmartBargains.com AK Ann Klein's watch is faux fun. The Xhilaration® Animal Hobo is only $19.99, a trendy cheap thrill.

Local Trends Week: Cropping up in the East Village

This week we'll be highlighting local trends from the neighborhoods, cities, and coasts where our writers are residing, traveling and trendspotting. Despite the fact that the ever-increasingly popular act of childrearing is trickling its tentacles onto the lettered streets of the New York’s East Village and Alphabet City, it’s still pretty much run by the young, tattooed and trendy. So step aside, stroller-pushers. The EVil isn’t quite ready to give up its hip cred. And now, as the days shorten and cool of, its fashion mavens are slowly trading in summer’s uber-ubiquitous long cut-offs for sawed off leggings instead. They’re everywhere… with cowboy boots, under dresses, on their own with long shirts and a low-slung belt, and even at times under those denim shorts. Get the look of the gentrified, not-so-rough streets below 14th and get yourself a pair of crop leggings. Follow the Trend: Juicy Couture Thermal Crop leggings Splendid leggings at Nordstrom.com shown left BP. Cuff Jersey Leggings VictoriasSecret.com's PINK cropped leggings Free People leggings at UrbanOutfitters.com

Fashion Week: Abaete Spring 2007

Ah, Abaete. What was once just gorgeous swimwear is now a whole line of sexy, sensible, sun-drenched clothing. And, after a partnership with Payless—a host of affordable, adorable shoes. It’s unfortunate that the Abaete show was held on a rainy afternoon miserable enough to leave the tent practically empty. The music’s sultry and sexy. So are the girls and their clothes. Swag bags from Abaete? Oh, and a double eye shadow from Nars to boot? Hail to the growth of small fashion companies! Jumpsuits and dresses called Mick, Bianca and Jagger. A model rear end is hanging out. All stare and comment on its small stature. Suddenly, I feel like I’m a late 70s jet-setter about to take off on my flight from Paris to Rio. I pretend my rear end still looked like that after 8th grade. As for the clothes-- Gorgeous blends of floral accents on skirts, Swarovski buttons, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and gold accented silks. A fashion show that’s only about the clothes? Really. Abaete is simple, to-the-point, provocative, tasteful clothing. And had a show that’s dead on to its brand. A model parades Abaete founder Laura Proetsky around the catwalk. Beaming and grinning, she waves and bids us adieu. And we’re out of the room in a record 10 minutes flat. Abaete is at payless.com and coming soon to . Find a couple sale pieces at blaec.com. This chic Abaete mini dress is available for $295 at intermixonline.com.

Spanish Designers: Eccentric, Ole!

Showing up for a fashion event at 8 am on a rainy morning amounts to one thing: torture. But thanks to the over-the-top creativity of Spain’s clothing, shoe and jewelry designers, waking up in the Bryant Park Hotel was like being slapped with a rainbow. 8:15 AM Show up, dripping, see name tags and want to cry. 8:20 Smiling women in Technicolor usher me to two girls in fabulous, matching Agatha Ruiz de la Prada dresses. I smile too. 8:22 Suddenly a fashion breakfast seem fun. I’m given the quick story of de la Prada’s kooky line. I see her Christmas Dress. My eyes have trouble focusing, but it’s a good time. I’m reminded how Spain’s designers are often eclipsed by French and Italian giants and take it as a point well taken. Looking at Custo Barcelona's éclats des couleurs, patterns and fabrics makes me wonder how anything can eclipse Spanish fashion—it’s insane. [I will also take a moment to remind you of Spanish mass outfitting geniuses, Mango and Zara, amazing clothes that hardly cost a Euro.] 8:23 Perusal of shockingly not-so-sensible Spring line of shoes inspired by Brazil.) , 8:30 Monoplaza’s a name to watch for. Though they don’t have a website up just yet—they make dangerously gorgeous swim, under and outwear. The silver swim suit practically brings tears to my eyes. 8:31 Visions of palm trees, sunshine, sand and pools. Me in that swimsuit. Anywhere but New York on a rainy morning in September. Check out: Camper has cute flat boots for fall. Get them while you wait for the Brazilian wedges from the Spring collection.

Fashion Week: Tracy Reese Spring 2007

Rosemary Ponzo at Tracy Reese Every now and then, fashion can be fun, dropping its pretense, forgetting that it gets whole weeks named after it in style meccas around the world. I had a down-home experience stumbling into the tent on a lazy Sunday afternoon, lining up behind hundreds for Detroit native Tracy Reese. The tent was particularly peaceful as was the pre-show catwalk fanfare. Either they were pumping sedatives into the tents or everyone was just quietly nursing their wino-selves, enjoying Sunday in prep for Monday. 1:50 Something smells strangely relaxing. 2:05 Everybody slowly piles into the Promenade, is making faux friends with their neighbors and laughing. 2:15 Camera people stand idly with few celebs to hawk. 2:20 Sort-of celebs spotted! The Apprentice’s Stacie J makes an appearance, along with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. And, of course, a requisite show-face from costume designer and Fashion Week staple Rosemary Ponzo. Reese’s family takes most of the cameras’ attention. 2:30 Bump into a Latino fashion friend and his Gucci model boyfriend. They had just done the music for Gustavo Arango and complained about how bad Reese’s show music always is. “It’s, like, totally thee deesigner’s fault,” they crooned. 2:35 Show starts. Tango music fills the air. We are all shocked at how great the music is. Reese pulled inspiration from “the pulsing tempo of Buenos Aires” for her Spring 2007 show. Dropped and ballooned waistlines flirted with asymmetrical sleeves (a widespread Oscar no-no), shapeless slips and curious colors (black + white + brown= mistake) for a collection that generally came off as 80s in all the wrong places. Lost was Reese’s usual unrelenting sense of whimsy. In its place was a bit more danger, which may be a signal that she’s moving in a different direction. Or maybe Tim Gunn told her to take a risk, and she just "made it work." Three cheers for the cocoa jumpsuit and “blue ghetto fairy” beaded empire dress. Muy caliente, indeed. Stacie J (and a girl who's apparently someone... with a name that sounds like "tameeka." None of the paparazzi or camera men could tell me either. Access Hollywood? Should we play Gawker's 'And Friend' game? ) Swag Bag: Got one, a triumph in itself! Best Tracy Reese swag bag in three years: A Sally Hansen nail polish, “Flame,” made specially for Reese’s new line; Mally Perfecting Powder; Pure Hapa Hawaiian Essential Face Serum and Travel Candle; Mark. Bohista Eau de Toilette and fabulous chandelier earrings.

Fashion Week Beauty: Glacial Treatment

Think yuppie Reagan-era excess when you think of Evian? We attended the opening of Evian's Mobile Spa toasting New York Fashion Week. The story isn't just about the preferred-by-models bottled water. Evian started as a medical spa (it was said to have cured its creator’s kidney stones) a little less than 200 years ago. Behind the hallowed pink walls of the spa come three intensely moisturizing, cleansing and enjoyable treatments: a detox facial, hot stone massage and detoxifying reflexology. Naturally every moist towel, facial steamer and pillow you see is soaked in the fancy French water. If you're privileged enough to be in NYC this month to book a treatment, you will walk out wobbly from how damn good you feel. Not to worry about shaky legs- this is the epitome of preppy chic. As you sip from your glass bottle upon exit, a pink Escalade Evian taxi awaits you. Fashion Week doesn't do a whole lot for most of us, except provide a new gossip between celeb babies, break-ups, and awards show drama. Even if you can afford the clothes, you can't buy them for another 6 months (and it'll be 8 - 10 before the diluted trends hit Banana Republic and Macy's). And we know many Shefinds readers aren't anywhere near NYC, Bryant Park, or the bloated hype of 'The Tents.' But you can get some of the Evian beauty experience at home. The high-quality, divine-smelling line of beauty products is a staple in Europe. Evian is as good for your outside as it is for the inside and at killer prices. Get yours at drugstore.com

Fashion Week: Evian Detox Spa Opening

A red carpet photo back drop for a bottled water company’s mobile spa? The Evian Detox Spa opening was just-short-of-over-the-big-top. Pink ropes, pink interior, at least they didn't robe the estheticians in Evian pink and baby blue. And while buzz of a Kelis appearance circulated, nary a celeb was spotted. But the invite offered FREE transportation for celebs! (Upon approval, limited availability.) We counted on at least one ex-Laguna Beach cast member or Round 3 Idol cast off to show. The criteria for 'approval' was not published so fear of rejection may be the reason reality stars were absent. Proffered backrubs and hydrating hand massages made for a pleasant experience as we guzzled champagne and nibbled on chocolate-covered strawberries. (FashStatute #345.6: One is not seen consuming non-liquid calories in public during Fashion Week. SheFinds Tip: Slip passed finger foods discreetly into a napkin, smile at the hot actor/model/cater waiter, and steal into the nearest restroom to stuff your face preventing a too-early in the eve drunk-on-free-champagne scene.) While most of the industry should be in perpetual detox, Evian is in town (5th Ave) until Sept. 28th so when the booze is oozing by mid-next week (read: mid-day today) one can revitalize. The Frenchy bottled water did deserve a fancy party because the full spa experience that was scheduled and subsequently received was truly fabulous. Don't get jealous, the pop-up spa is open to the public. But you have to pay for your luxe treatment. It's worth it. French women don't get fat and they don't have stressed skin even though they drink like...us. ...and the award for Most Fabulous Jacket This Side of the Swiss Alps goes to Modern Bride Fashion Editor Juli Alvarez decked out in a fantastically detailed orange, silk Christian LaCroix jacket. Thank you for giving us something un-Pepto hued to ogle.

Beauty Find: Custom Hair Masks

If you think your hair ages any differently than your skin, think again. Both suffer from sun damage and the hardening effects of aging, so treat your hair to the facial you never give it with Christo’s Anti-Aging Hair System. Christo is from Cyprus, which means he understands not only the damaging effects of the sun but also the healing power of nature. Like the rest of his Curlisto line, the system is 100% natural, containing milk extract, fresh vanilla bean, spirulina and amino and fatty acids. First refrigerate the conditioner (to make it creamier, allowing it to hold to the hair for deeper penetration) and apply. Let it sit, rinse and kiss those flyaways goodbye. Your hair will feel like it did when you were a rosy cheeked kid. Get Yours: Email Christo an image of your hair and fill out a questionnaire about your color history. Christo will then assess your damage level and custom-concoct a treatment for you. Price: $175 Find it at: Christo Fifth Avenue; curlisto.com

Beauty Find: High-End, Multi-Tasking Balm

What: Yves Saint Laurent Baume Nourrissant Moisturizing Lip and Nail Balm Why: When you’ve got little space to spare, you must choose what you carry like the sage, beauty ninja that you are. Here’s a quick cure-all that is fine enough for the tiniest of evening clutches. Yves Saint Laurent’s Moisturizing Lip and Nail Balm lives true to its name, instantly hydrating your lips and cuticles—with shockingly equal effect. A quick, light swipe of its gently floral-citrus and you're the epitome of Paris-chic-on-the-go. A little less workhorse than the multi-tasking cousin, Rosebud Salve, YSL's classy balm is my new beauty obsession. Price: $22.50 Get Yours: at Nordstrom.com Love lip gloss? We do too, check out our picks of the best lip gloss.

Beauty Find: Viktor & Rolf Drop Bombs

From the Dutch duo cool enough to use Tilda Swinton as their muse comes not only an intoxicating scent, but their first-ever line of body products too. Viktor & Rolf started their fashion careers fully indulgent in their quirk and creativity. They now have a Louvre retrospective and a Fashion Rocks performance under their belts. And for two dramatic--yet wholly unvulgar and austerely structured designers, what better a fragrance could there be than a boudoir-inspired (Boudoir also being a recent collection) scent called Flowerbomb? It’s packaged in a pink, diamond-cut hand grenade no less. Explosively sensual, with warm notes of sambac jasmine and patchouli, Flowerbomb wraps around you, inspiring hedonistic dreams of silk, fur and velvet. Bombalicious, the new body line, is equally classy-decadent with a perfumed body lotion (Voloptueux), deodorant (Fruitee) and shower gel (Fleuri) made to “turn bath time into a magic moment,” as they say. And it’s not too far fetched. Dare to drop a bomb, and find it at Nordstrom.com.

Beauty Find: All-in-One Summer Moisturizer

Moisturizing your face can be a tricky affair in the summer. From pore-clogging humidity, to the grimey outdoors (or cement jungle), to damaging UV rays, it’s hard to find a moisturizer that strikes a good balance between protecting your face and laying off the grease. But that’s where Face Oasis Plus; Hydrating Fluid SPF 15 comes through for you. The refreshing, lightly scented sea lettuce, sea fennel and wakame gel lightly covers your face, pumping a water-light, lotion-to-liquid hydrating treatment into your skin on time release throughout the day. So, not only does it keep your pores open and happy, it also protects your face from the sun. Add a Sea Mineral Complex that delivers multi-vitamins and Oceasome Complex that actually helps repair sun damage, and stop looking for a moisturizer that can accomplish anything more. Find it at h2oplus.com. If you're looking for a new regimen or new products to add into your routine; get a skincare analysis from H2O Plus.

A Find: Zents’ Scents

Purveyors of a perfect balance between spa-quality body products and exquisite fragrances, Zents makes what might be the best-smelling candles this good earth has to offer. The Colorado-based company acutely knows how a scent can accent a room (not to mention a body), resulting in a clean and classic, stimulating line of 100% natural home fragrances that are based on the memories of joyful places, experiences and people. Ranging from the warm and sensuous, vanilla-based Sun, to Earth’s aroma of buttery tree sap and pine, to Water’s unisex, contemporary and aquatic notes, not a nose will be left unturned in the presence of these candles. You are so likely to like their scents so much, you can even wear them. Try out the same line in Concreta—Zents’ famous, solid perfume balm (that’s even been reported to act as a peerless hair wax). Find Zents bath and body products at Amazon.com. Purchase the new candle line at zents.com.

Trend Alert: Skulls

Wrap up in a skull embellished scarf. Call yourself what you will-- dark, rebellious, temporal, Tibetan, or just plain rock-n-roll—skulls (and the oft ensuing crossbones) aren’t just for the crazies anymore. Everybody’s wearing and making them, from punks to babies, magazine editors to couture designers, so it can’t hurt do indulge in your shadier side and flaunt some bones. Although sources of the popularity of skulls are not quite clear, it’s safe to say they were made popular by the pirate… and conjure up imagery and symbolism that range from just plain rebel to just plain aware of your own mortality. Maybe you think of the Hell’s Angels when you think of them, but Karl Lagerfeld wears them just as readily as Loree Rodkin cranks out $30,000+ diamond skull necklaces, belts and earrings from LA. So, go on. Don a skull somewhere. You’ll probably feel delightfully wicked for the day, and if you’re lucky you might just spook someone a little bit in the process! Skulls aren’t just for Halloween afterall. Express your high-seas minded fashion by creating your own skull sweater. Find cozy, punk rock skull slippers at Zappos.com. Tyler Skull Jeans from delias.com

Beauty Find: Goodbye to Flyaways

A friend in college used to call them her "sunshine." Call them sunshine, flyaways, baby hairs, or just plain frizz-- nobody likes those little, lion hairs that stick out of your coiffure. So that's where Tamz comes in. It's a tiny, inexpensive wand applicator that tames those annoying flyaways with a gentle smoothing product. It dries quickly, leaving behind a flawless hairdo, or even set of unruly eyebrows. And just under $9 a wand, how can you say no to this solution? Find it at shoptamz.com. Deal Alert: Enter "shefinds" at checkout for FREE shipping! (Note: the quotations must be used in the coupon code for it to be recognized during the checkout process.)

A Find: A Tuscan, Candle Getaway

Because it’s not always easy to hop on the next plane headed for Firenze, Karen Klein's candles can give you an almost-Tuscan getaway with the quick light of a wick. Inspired by her love for Italy, Klein’s candles give off a warm, evocative glow, not to mention gorgeous bouquet of Italian, countryside aromas. Wrapped in authentic, hand-painted Italian paper, the candles are a beautiful addition to any room. A favorite is the Bergamot-Sandalwood candle, which smells inviting as it does refreshing. And to gracefully snip off their long wicks (and catch them), try using an elegant, pewter wick-trimmer from Wickman. Buy Karen Klein Candles at scentsandsprays.com.

A Find: Hip, Barbour Jackets

What: Flyweight Belleville Jacket Why: One hundred years of successfully keeping English weather out should stand as testament to a jacket’s reliability. And in that case, meet Barbour—Britain’s version of a classier L.L. Bean. Although peerless in affectivity when it comes to rain and wind, Barbour wasn’t exactly the trendiest of companies, until now. Their new spring/summer line offers their same, reliable clothing in different cuts and gorgeous, vernal colors. Their jackets are as fit for horseback riding as they are for pounding the sidewalks of Fifth Ave. Ugly weather, beware! And ladies, prepare to look great while staying dry. The jackets are incredibly breathable, so you won’t heat up as it warms up. Get Yours: A great find at Barbour.com

Beauty Find: Charcoal Facial Cleanser

Even if you don’t live in a grimy city, we all know that summer takes an icky, sticky, sweaty toll on our faces. So that’s where charcoal comes in. Charcoal, you might ask? Yes, active charcoal to be specific. A natural, gentle detoxifier, charcoal facial cleansers can do wonders to de-pollute your skin. Sure, it’s a little weird to use an onyx-colored face wash, but you can’t go wrong with Von Natur's Active Charcoal Cleanser. It gently strips away all the dirt, but leaves your natural moisture balance intact. Your face will be fresh, clean and ready to brave the humidity... And any other urban-esque elements that might come your way. Find it at VonNatur.com.

Discover New Designers: Kathlin Argiro

A little bit Audrey, a little Jackie O, and oh-so glamorous, Kathlin Argiro’s dresses are chic but simple classics fit for daywear and special occasions. Designed with rich fabrics, gorgeous color combinations, refined prints, and sleek silhouettes, Argiro’s ready-to-wear pieces are truly timeless. Her nipped-in waists create the ideal feminine shape, a throw-back to the glory days of demure curves. The wear-anywhere style confirms that they are a wise purchase indeed. Featured in Vogue, WWD, In Style and The Washington Post, Argiro’s elegant visions even landed on the back of Stacy London (from TLC’s What Not to Wear) and straight to her heart. She can’t get enough of them! Find the collection at Kathlin Argiro's Website. To Order: Designer Kathlin Argiro does more than ready-to-wear, you can also order custom bridesmaid's dresses and one-of-a-kind couture. Email [email protected]; sales are handled via email and phone. All major credit cards accepted. Exclusive SheFinds Discount: Mention code CHIC GIRLS in your email to get 20% off your purchase. Looking for more designed-just-for-you orginals? Sign up for our free SheFinds newsletter to get fabulous finds weekly or tell your friends and WIN some of our favorite finds!

Eco Chic: All-Natural Love

Erbaviva began as an all-natural purveyor of body products for the mother and child. Adhering to a strictly health-oriented outlook, the husband-and-wife team behind erbaviva has concocted everything from aromatherapy and essential oils, to clever gift baskets. Just out is their new Unconditional Love box set, choc-filled with natural goodness. A foursome that includes body lotion (Embrace), body wash (Breathe), bath salts, and room spray (Relax). They well serve their purpose when it comes to moisturizing, balancing and just doing yourself a nice favor. Breathe even has anti-viral qualities. What more can a tired body ask for? Or a mother who needs a little extra love on Mother's Day? A great gift on Erbaviva.com

A Find: Corset Tee

The perfect marriage of the corset and t-shirt, Corse T ny tops are the new must-have staple for any summer wardrobe. Available in an array of poptastic colors, they look just as great with a pair of track pants as jeans, and can even add a little spice under the right suit. Made to gently fit a women’s curves, they are a sporty chic way to embrace the sunny weather… and turn a few heads while you’re at it. corsetny.com Deal Alert: Enter "42006" to receive a 30% SheFinds reader exclusive discount.

A Find: T-Shirt Transformations

Behold, the creative power of the t-shirt. I bet you never thought you could do much with that growing pile of old tees in the nether regions of your lower drawer. Think again. TEASE: 50 Inspired T-Shirt Transformations by Superstars of Art, Craft & Design is a witty, entertaining read on how to deconstruct and reconstruct t-shirts into everything from skirts, to seat covers, to ipod cases, to an “Eye Burrito.” An Eye Burrito, you say? That’s right, everybody from kooky comedienne Amy Sedaris (the burrito’s creator) to Stich n’Bitch author Debbie Stoller, to Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field has wacky ideas that’ll make you think twice before you dismiss the t-shirt as merely wardrobe basic. Compiled by Sarah Sockit, the book is chock full of cute anecdotes and inspiring designs. A creative find from Penguin Books available at Amazon.com for $10.37.

Beauty Find: Curlisto Systems by Christo

Ever get the feeling that your hairdresser doesn’t understand the true nature of your locks? Wonder no more. Christo understands that your hair can improve your attitude and mood. So he looks not only at the texture of your hair, but also your face and personality to give you a look that’s best suited to you. From coloring to cuts, curl treatments and beyond, all the products are 100% natural and designed specifically to complement all the good Mother Nature gave you. Additionally, he has many products that suit your personal lifestyle. Check out the Botanical Rinse. (Great for the athlete, this daily, light conditioner cleans the scalp and moisturizes the hair.) Aqualizer (for the swimmers) or the Anti-Aging Hair System (designed to combat sun damage and soothe damaged tresses) solves stress on your tresses. For those of us with added color, there’s a whole Colorective collection of shampoos and conditioners, ranging from “Bloody Mary,” to “Smart Blonde” and “Merlot.”Choose Curlisto Systems by Christo, and “be naturally correct.” For those of you in the NYC Area, try Christo’s Salon on 5th Ave. 574 5th Avenue, 5th Floor 800-810-CURL

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