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Trend Alert: Evil Eye jewelry

Some, like Madonna and J.Lo, may wear their evil eye jewelry to protect themselves from envious gazes, but we like the Turkish necklaces, bracelets and pendants for their other-worldly, exotic feel. If you’re looking for evil eye jewelry that's classier the stuff sold at mall kiosks but more affordable than Aaron Basha’s thousand-dollar eyeball pieces, check out the collection of unique and reasonably-priced Turkish jewelry and accessories at luckyeyes4u.com. Whether or not you believe that the beautiful blown glass has spiritual and protective powers, it’ll definitely look great with your summer outfits.Luckyeyes4u.com's Evil Eye Bracelet:  

A Find: New Uggs with urban flair

I’ve always resisted buying Uggs. They’re chunky, flat and ugly, I think to myself. Everybody has them. They’re a fad and they will, for sure, go out of style soon. But even as these thoughts are coursing through my mind, I find myself caressing the soft leather and the warm wooly inside. And then I remember that I live in Chicago and, regardless of what the boots look like, they are perfect for our sub-zero winters. This season, I can finally put an end to my internal monologue. The Australian company's newest styles combine warmth, practicality and urban flair, resulting in boots that are both functional and fabulous. And rumor has it that these boots are going to be hot this season; they’re going to be reviewed in two of our favorite fashion magainzes. So score yourself a pair fast, because you don’t want your feet to be left out in the cold. Ugg Uptown and Ugg Cargo Find Uggs at Zappos.com where shipping is always free with free returns anytime.

SheFinds News: Fly the Friendly Skies with Stylish Dignity

It’s the busiest travel day of the year and you’re stuck in a long, tedious security line at the airport. You’re daydreaming about an indulgent portion of Mom’s pumpkin pie when a TSA employee barks at you to remove your belt, shoes and jewelry. As if you weren’t already standing in the middle of a crowded airport, shoeless and with your pants sagging, then the metal detector goes off and you’re practically strip-searched by a stranger with a beeping wand. You can’t do much about those long security lines but, as the Washington Post reported last year, clothing companies are now creating “airport-friendly clothing” that will allow you to travel with ease – and dignity. The trick is to make sure you’re wearing no metal or steel - which is hard for women, since almost all bras, dress shoes, and jewelry have a bit of the silver stuff. Luckily for us, Zappos has created an entire section of airport safe shoes. These Uggs, for example, are both totally comfortable and guaranteed beep-free. If you’re a frequent traveler, you might want to invest in the Spanx Bra-llelujah bra. Instead of having underwire, the bra provides support with its beloved stretch hosiery – so that it contains no wires, hardware or metal closures. I bet it’s super light, too. Find it at freshpair.com. Be sure to check out AirportFriendly.com for luggage, clothing and accessories that help make flying less about the journey and more about the destination.

Trend Alert: Cowboy Boots

"Cowboys are in vogue," declared one article the New York Times. Just take one look at the streets this summer, says another recent Times article, and you'll see New York women running around in cowboy boots and miniskirts. This Western style will be swingin' this fall, too, so be sure to snag yourself a pair of cowboy boots. I especially love the ones with embroidered flowers and stitching (and being the vertically-challenged gal that I am, I'll gladly trade in a pair of flat, formless Uggs for some shoes with a little height and kick!) Western boots can be worn with skirts or jeans but, as InStyle warns, don't over-do the outfit with large belt buckles or turquoise jewelry. Find a selection of styles at Zappos.com. BCBG Max Azria Ofra boot, on Zappos.com

News: I Want a Famous Smile

In today’s star-obsessed society, it seems that people will go to almost any length to look like their favorite celebrity. The latest way to imitate the stars? Celebrity snap-on teeth. They’re like dentures, except that you can model your pearly whites after those of Gwyneth Paltrow ("square and sexy") or Halle Berry ("sophisticated.") Yes, the idea’s a little creepy, but snap-on teeth are a lot less drastic than the plastic surgery people undergo on MTV’s reality show, “I Want A Famous Face,” right? Two Manhattan-based cosmetic dentists are offering the celebrity teeth: Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans’ “Red Carpet Smile” starts at $1,500 and Dr. Marc Liechtung’s “Snap On Smile” starts at $1,275. Apparently, the “Red Carpet Smile” is available only as an upper arch, and can only chew through soft foods, while the “Snap-On Smile” is available as both an upper and lower arch, and can chew through the toughest foods. The teeth are molded to fit over your existing teeth, and can be snapped on and off as many times as you wish. Check out the Snap-On Smile for more info and before-and-after pictures. One of Dr. Liechtung's patients shows off her new device.

A Find: Perky gel-enhanced bras

Jockey’s new, gel-enhanced bras are guaranteed to perk up any party (pun intended). The satin bras have egg-shaped gel inserts on the bottom, outer sides of each cup, which provide endless amusement in the form of poking and touching. Honestly, what my roommate and I realized about the bra after a close examination and modeling session is: it perfectly rounds your breasts. I’m no bra scientist, but it appears that the gel pushes both breasts together, creating a naturally beautiful shape and some hot cleavage. At the same time, the gel gives the cups a weightless, soft feel, and is much more comfortable than underwire. I have the Jockey Satin Plunge Underwire Bra which, with its deep, low cut, looks great with low v-necks as well as regular t-shirts. Jockey also offers a gel-enhanced strapless bra and, though I haven't tried it yet, my guess is that it could be one of the most flattering and comfortable strapless bras out there. Get shape and cleavage with Jockey's gel-enhanced bras, available for $28 from bareneccessities.com.

A Find: Swingin’ Earrings of the Month

My friend Morgan has a wood earring rack, filled with rows upon rows of dangling, sparkling, hand-beaded earrings. She wears earrings with African designs with her sweatpants and earrings from craft fairs when she’s heading out to the bars. She loves all earrings that shimmer in the light and dance when she shakes her head. Whether you’re an earring collector, like Morgan, or you want to start a collection, like me, you’ll swing for Tilting Swiftly’s Earring of the Month Club. Simply sign up to receive earrings made of sterling silver ($180 per year), gold ($230), or a combination of the two ($205) – then, just wait with giddy anticipation for the next pair of bright, beaded earrings to show up on your doorstep! It’s a great present to yourself or for someone else. Club subscriptions last for one year. This month's Earring of the Month, in silver or gold: Love independent jewelry designers? Check out our sparkling showcase.

SheFinds News: Name That Handbag

Ralph Lauren named The Ricky after his wife.

A Find: THE Most Fun, Versatile Summer Shoes

Mohop sandals may be the coolest, most versatile shoes I’ve ever worn. In the span of one week, I wore the sandals to a salsa club in Chicago, to a job interview and just to stroll along the harbor in Baltimore – and my shoes received rave reviews every step of the way. The sandals, which are all hand-crafted in Chicago, have a rubber soling made from the recycled tires and a plywood core (eco chic alert). The most fun part of the shoes is Mohop’s “strapping system.” My sandals came with five sets of interchangeable ribbons – meaning that I can match the ribbon color to my outfits. The fabulous sandals definitely passed the dancing test and the walking test – I’ll just have to wait and see how they fared in that interview! There is nothing better than a shoe that can be made to match any outfit or any mood for that matter! Find Mohop sandals at mohop.com. For more customizable products check out our FREE newsletter, make sure you're a subscriber- otherwise you're missing out on SheFinds solutions to your fashion disasters and beauty dilemmas.

A Find: Dancing Dress

What: Flamenco Dress from Armani Exchange Why: Dressing for hot, humid weather can be a breeze – as long as you follow the fashion cues and score yourself a light, cotton dress. The Flamenco Dress from Armani Exchange is that weightless summer dress that you’ll always want to put on- even when it you'd rather wear nothing at all. With a nipped-in bodice and full skirt you'll be set for everything from late-night fiestas to a walk on the shore. Any dress that makes you want to swirl your skirt earns style points. Price: $150 Find It: Armani Exchange. Spice It Up: Go bare on the jewelry and let your dancing feet do the talking in a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti gold metal beaded ankle wrap sandals or keep it minimalist classy with Chanel sandals. Beauty Find: Your makeup should be sun-kissed and barely there in sticky weather. Clarins Sunshine Powder Compact accomplishes this while hiding imperfections. The soft powder can make any skin tone glow- just apply evenly and with discretion to avoid looking like you sat in the sun with tinfoil.

SheFinds Solution: Happier Scalp, Happier You

Problem: I’m not the kind to publish my problems, but I noticed this winter that my hair was thinning. I am way too young for thinning hair. Solution: When multi-vitamins didn’t do the trick, I turned to Nioxin, a line of hair products designed to cleanse the scalp and allow for the re-growth of thicker, healthier hair. I’ve been using the products for less than two months and I’ve already noticed a dramatic difference. I used to be mortified to see a gaping white stripe of scalp along my part – that’s no longer the case. Also, I’ve always had wash-and-wear curls- I’m positive my curls are reinvigorated since I started using Nioxin. To learn more about female hair loss and the different lines of Nixoin products, check out Nioxin.com. Take care of your scalp, re-invigorate your hair and add additonal bounce to your tresses. Find Nioxin products at drugstore.com.

Beauty Find: Rosie Glow

So many times, I’ve been disappointed when my pretty cream shadows clump at the crease of my eyes. But Rosie Jane Eye Hints – a light, natural shadow – was the first cream eye shadow I’ve used that remained fresh and bright throughout the day. My shadow is a beautiful pinky, golden color called buttercup bronze that highlights my eyes giving my face a radiant, sun-kissed look. The shadow looks even better when paired with a light dusting of bronzer. Even if it’s still early spring, you can capture a natural glow with a light smear of Rosie Jane shadow or dewy cheek gloss. Get Rosie Jane cosmetics at amazon.com.

SheFinds News: Shopping mags

Is it really a surprise that Cargo, a shopping magazine for men, is folding after just two years? The Condé Nast publication sold a pathetic 73,909 copies per issue on the newsstand in the second half of 2005. To me, Cargo’s demise seems quite predictable – but I’m not quite sure what to make of the new TV shopping magazine, Shop Talk. The new mag is dedicated to those who love TV shopping but crave more information about the models, vendors and hosts of their favorite shopping shows. As much as I’d love to crack a joke about Shop Talk, there’s obviously a market for a variety of shopping magazines. We just have to take a look at the magazine rack to see that the passion for fashion extends far past the mall and the boutiques. If it didn’t, how could we explain the success of Lucky, as well as all the new home decorating magazines, such as Domino, InStyle Home and O at Home? I’ll continue to get my fashion tips from Vogue, my little sister… and this blog, of course. The quiet death of Ellegirl magazine (which has been reborn as ellegirl.com) has raised more than a few manicured eyebrows in the beauty mag industry. The real question is just how long will these glossies last when we can click and save time by trendspotting and shopping online? Welcome to the 21st shopaholics, welcome to the most trafficked shopping blog on the web, welcome to Shefinds.

Beauty Find: Lip Plumpers

What: PlumpLips Lip Plumper Why: For months I'd been hearing about those new lip plumpers - the ones that supposedly are filled with irritants that cause your lips to plump up and puff out - but it wasn't until this weekend that I finally tried one. I loved it. PlumpLips Lip Plumper by Freeze 24.7 goes on as a smooth, clear gloss. At first it made my lips feel a little tingly and cool (in a good way). Within minutes, my lips started looking full, a little pouty, and more alive with natural color. My best friend, who avoids wearing lipstick, loved the Lip Plumper, too – she said it was perfect because her lips felt full, kissable but, most importantly, naturally beautiful. Price: $40 Find It: Nordstrom.com

Trend Alert: The Anti-Boho

If every action causes a reaction, then every style causes a new style. In the case of this season, designers are finally reacting to the Bohemian craze of last year, replacing the earth girl/hobo look with a more tailored, masculine style. In place of flowing skirts, we’re seeing straight-leg jeans and cigarette trousers; instead of loose, retro blouses, we’re loving the new fitted blazers. Think this new look lacks that flowing feminine touch of the boho-chic look? Don’t worry – you can still add you girly touch to this more refined style by wearing colorful flats or wedge heels. It's all about looking more pulled together and in control than you are, unless you really are. And in that case we applaud you. Find the perfect pieces to pull together for an Anti-Bohemian look at Macys.com. The DKNY Jeans Three-Quarter Sleeve Jacket (79.00) or the City Unltd Linen Military Jacket (99.00) fit the fitted blazer trend. Complement a casual style with Bermudas or skinny jeans paired with a sexy wedge or playful flats.

A (Wedding) Find: J.Crew Bridal Collection

What: J.Crew does bridal, the Lillian duchesse satin gown Why: In case you missed the April edition of Vogue, there was a photo spread with five women in gorgeous J.Crew wedding gowns. Yes, you read that right: J.Crew – the company formerly known for khaki, tweed and linen – has launched a bridal collection, and we love what we see. The popular company has always offered classic clothing, and their wedding dresses take this simple elegance to a new level. The Lillian gown in particular is stunning – it’s made from fine Italian silk satin and has a champagne silk sash that ties attractively around the empire waist. If you're looking for a simple, elegant gown, then this just may be the one for you! Price: $1,800 Find it: The Lillian duchesse satin gown is available in regular and petite sizes from JCrew.com.

Trend Alert: Classic Chucks are Back

What: Chuck Taylor/Converse kicks Why: They’re baaaack, though a hipster would tell you they never left. Either way, Chuck Taylor sneakers are hot this spring. The classic shoes are now available as slip-ons, making them undeniably easy and comfortable, and there's an assortment of bright and funky colors to choose from. Nostalgia, comfort and color - what’s not to love? Price: $44.95 Find It: Snag these sneakers from Nordstrom.com.

Site Review: MeJeans.com

Have you ever wished you could just design your own jeans? I know I have. I’m short, have a straight, boyish figure and a tiny butt – I can hardly ever find jeans that both hug my butt and fit my waist. And no matter what, my denim search always ends with a trip to the tailor, because no designer jeans are meant to fit a 5-foot-2 chick. But MeJeans has come to the rescue! On the website, I was able to design my ideal pair of jeans. The website first asked for all of my measurements (I had to recruit a girlfriend to help maneuver the measuring tape) – and then designed my jeans. I created a pair that are boot cut, have a button fly, and a sleek grey wash – and they’re the perfect length, without a single trip to the tailor. The jeans start at $89.99 - a great deal for a designer-like look and perfect fit! Design your ideal jeans at MeJeans.com.

A Find: Classic Timekeeper from Kenneth Cole

What: Band Together watch by Kenneth Cole Why: Kenneth Cole’s new line of watches are sleek and stylish. And the Band Together watch, which features a dark brown croco-embossed leather strap and a rose gold crown, is eye-catching. The watch is a light, versatile accessory. Classy enough to be worn year round, everyday in the office or at play. Time flies when you have the perfect watch. Price: $250 Find It: KennethCole.com has the whole Swiss Movement Collection.

SheFinds News: Moving Mannequins Turn Heads

Window shopping just got a lot more exciting. A Hollywood-renowned robotics and special effects developer has launched Moving Mannequins, a company that will make movie-quality mannequins for the fashion retail industry. Say goodbye to those faceless, featureless mannequins traditionally seen in stores; these new models boast skin texture and pigmentation that allow them a human skin appearance, and have prosthetic eyes, which further enhance their lifelike quality. Moving Mannequins' Super Model achieves its realistic look through the use of high-tech silicone rubber finishes and advanced robotics. A life-like mannequin may sound a little creepy and didn't Kim Cattrall refine that concept in the 80's? But you have to give the company credit, who wouldn’t stop and stare at a moving mannequin wearing a really cute outfit? It's at least as memorable as the animated Christmas windows at Macy's.

Feature Footwear Find: Luscious Velour Pumps

What: Classic velour pump; Exchange by Charles David Why: Every woman needs a pair of whimsical pumps to liven up dark winter days - and these burgundy velvet heels fit that job description perfectly. I love wearing my red pumps with a dark sweater and jeans, but they also look great with a classy evening outfit. No matter how you wear them, these luscious pumps are sure to spice up your ensemble…and maybe your evening as well! Price: $84.95 Find Them: These velvet pumps and other fabulous shoes from Charles David can be found at solestruck.com.

Discover New Designers: Marie Chavez Jewelry

My Marie Chavez necklaces came as a very special birthday present. I was stunned by their simple beauty when I first glimpsed them, and every time I wear the necklaces I’m again surprised by how exquisite – yet how bohemian – they are as well. I have two gold necklaces from Marie Chavez – one is just choker-length, with dangling black beads and a center tag with an exotic, Sanskrit-like design. The second necklace is much longer – I often wrap it around my neck twice – and alternates between uniquely shaped black beads and a glass-like, textured bead. When I wear the two together, I feel regally beautiful. All of the unique Marie Chavez pieces are gorgeous – and if you have trouble deciding on just one necklace, I highly recommend two or more that can be paired together! Find them at mariechavez.com.

A Find: The most comfortable boot

What: Gastonia tall boot by Cole Haan Why: Every fashion-loving woman has suffered through many a night in painful, toe-pinching shoes. But those that zip up Cole Haan’s shearling-lined, soft suede boots, which have a 3 1/2-inch heel, will be more than pleasantly surprised. The boots, part of Cole Haan’s G Series, are lined with NIKE slow recovery foam for cushioning and shock absorption. So say goodbye to that old mantra that a little pain is just, “the price of beauty” – because now, we can wear hot boots, and feel great while wearing them! Price: $169.95 Find the Gastonia Tall Boot - and other marked-down shoes, handbags, coats and accessories - at ColeHaan.com.

A Find: Garnet goodness

What: Alle Fine Jewelry's 14K Garnet Briolette "Gypsy" Hoop Earrings Why: So you're a January baby? These gold hoops feature your birthstone - and they're calling your name! Like the garnet itself, these earrings are dark and rich - and yet, the dangling, sparkling stones also make the hoops playful and fun to wear. If you weren't already sold by the earrings' whimsical beauty, maybe this will convince you- Garnet is said to have the power to ensure good health and protect its owner during travel. Even if it's not your birthstone there may be some benefit, in addition to style, to be gained. Price: As further proof that these earrings are a must-buy birthday present, they're on sale for $309. Find Them: allejewelry.com

As Seen In: The New York Times

Microsatin slip with lace applique by Betsey Johnson As Seen In: Sexy Slips What they said: “The slip is distinctly of the old school, intended mainly as an underthing or for the bedroom, not for a night on the town. Its appeal is one part practical - it provides cover and a smoothing base under the filmy, sometimes clingy tops and dresses coming into stores for spring - and two parts sensual…” SheFinds Says: Slips were once reserved for Hollywood babes and vixens – the sheer laciness could enhance a woman’s innocence or seductiveness, depending on the character and situation. But lately, the slip has begun working its way into women’s wardrobes (and bedrooms) – and we love it! Feeling like your favorite classic temptress (Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, or Faye Dunaway) will surely add some oo-la-la to your day. Find It: Choose a flirtatious, feminine slip from figleaves.com. Orainna chemise by Hanky Panky

Trend Alert: Jeans for Casual Friday

Goldsign Bianca Denim Trousers Attention, working women! Good news for all those who have fully embraced Casual Friday, but still believe that there is no room for traditional denim in the workplace. Our favorite designers are creating a more dressy, trouser-style denim, and these sophisticated jeans are as cute as can be. The pants have a more formal-looking wide waistband, nonmetal buttons and no yellow stitching. They have those classic trouser pockets (which are suprisingly flattering!) and wide legs and, though they seem to hug the body in all the right places, are perfectly appropriate for the office. The flared trousers look great with pointy heels or flats, and can be paired with anything from a dressy shirt to a simple sweater. Find a good selection at Nordstrom.com. Joe's Jeans Stretch Trouser Jeans Paige Premium Denim Santa Monica Stretch Trousers

A Find: Lush Lashes from London

I was shocked the first time I used Eyeko’s black mascara. For a moment I thought I had those horrible spider lashes, because each lash was so thick, black and defined. Then I realized that, no, my eyes didn’t look totally tacky – rather, they looked incredible and my mascara was finally doing its job. The mascara comes in a mini silver toothpaste-like tube and it makes my jet-straight, blonde-tipped lashes look long and luscious every time. Eyeko is one of London’s most coveted cosmetic brands and, lucky for us, Sephora carries it! Check out the mascara, and other fun Eyeko products, at Sephora.com.

SheFinds News: Argentine Fashion Police Crack Down

A beautiful - and very skinny - Argentine woman performs the tango in Buenos Aires. I spent about six months in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the past year, and here are some of my observations: The women (and the men) are strikingly beautiful. The women are perfectly thin, even though they love to eat medialunas (mini croissants) slathered in sweet, gooey dulce de leche (a caramel-like sauce.) And then there’s this: All of the clothing runs so small and skinny that, even at a petite 5-foot-2, I found myself having to buy larger sized clothing. Well, a recent Wall Street Journal article reports that the Argentine government is cracking down on fashionable stores that only offer small sizes. Starting December 21, stores in the Buenos Aires province that don’t offer a range of sizes – equivalent to the American sizes 6-16 - will be fined up to $170,000. Their reasoning, officials said, is that small clothing puts pressure on young women to take up extreme dieting, contributing to one of the highest rates of anorexia and bulimia in the world. This may seem like a drastic measure, but Argentina really is a fashion- and image-obsessed nation. In 2003, Argentina was fifth in the world in cosmetic surgery procedures, with women undergoing 87% of the procedures, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. And a recent study shows that women from Buenos Aires go to the gym more often than those in any other Latin American country. You know there’s a problem when you have 5-foot-8, 114-pound models saying that, because Argentine women are fitness and style conscious, retailers, “are not going to sell all of that large-sized clothing.” She said that Argentines have a special look and, “whatever country we’re in, people say we’re divine.”

SheFinds News: Diddy’s Done it Again

Diddy’s new scent Unforgivable smells like… success. Rapper Sean Puffy Combs recently delivered the first shipment of his new men’s scent to Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – showing up at the store in a Brinks security truck. More than 500 fans stood behind police barricades in 38-degree coldness to catch a glimpse of Diddy. By the time he’d left the store at noon, 30 of the $300, 2.5-oz. perfumes had been sold – five while he was standing at the counter. Reports WWD: The packaging - smoked gray glass in a clear acrylic holder, topped with a gunmetal sculptured cap and packaged in a black keepsake box - was inspired by Combs' favorite things, including Ferraris, yachts and planes, and his homes around the world. Exactly what do Ferraris, yachts, planes and wealth smell like? The blog Luxist writes that the top notes of Unforgivable are Sicilian lemon, Italian bergamont, Moroccan tangerine, grapefruit, juniper and sparkling champagne accord. P. Diddy is offering two versions of Unforgivable – the “couture” version will be carried by Combes’ own U.S. stores and by the Saks in NYC, as well as in Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Bal Harbour and Dadeland. A less pricy version will debut at about 1,800 department and specialty stores, including Macy’s and Sephora, in mid-February. Find the couture version of Sean John Unforgivable at Saks.com.

A Find: Snazzy Luggage Tags

Wherever your holiday adventures lead you, you’ll no doubt be toting along an overstuffed suitcase. And especially if your bag is a generic black or tan, (let’s be honest, how many of us really have “luggage”?) you’re going to need a snazzy luggage tag to jazz up that bag and distinguish it from all its look-alikes. Chicago-based JI Designs offers four bright tags that will surely catch your eye while you’re waiting for your bags – and the eyes of everyone else, too! The circular tags are made of a durable coated plastic and, at $8, are more than affordable. If it’s really the journey that counts – and not the destination – then you should be fully accessorized for the journey. Find the eclectic luggage tags at jidesignschicago.com.

SheFinds News: Foreseeing Fashion Trends

If you believe in superstitions, horoscopes and Ouija boards, then you might want to pay attention to futurist Faith Popcorn’s fashion forecast for the next five years. In a meeting with marketing consultant group Brain Reserve, Popcorn predicted that, due to the high-pressure, high-stress climate in our country today, consumers will seek security and comfort through eco-friendly, low-maintenance clothing. Her crystal ball tells her that, as evidence of this effort to conserve resources and create unique designs, shoppers will embrace recycled clothing, change purses made of soda cans, and hybrid sneakers and jackets. She also foresees that people will seek out security and stability by wearing comfort clothing, such as personalized and vintage clothing. To capitalize on Popcorn's fashion horoscope, check out our comfortable yet stylish finds. Cole Haan ´Air Beau´ Flat Cole Haan's footwear collection with Nike Air technology is a line of athletic-inspired slip-on's with Nike cushioning. The comfort factor is off the charts and the styles are versatile enough for workwear or work-out wear. The Cole Haan gseries is a great find that we think fits right in with Ms. Popcorn's forecast. Find Cole Haan at Nordstrom.com. Pig-Your-T transforms vintage t-shirts into cool bags. You can peruse their options or relive your youth and send in that New Kids on the Block t-shirt you just can't let go of. They'll turn it into a one-of-a-kind tote. Find it at the Cronick Valentine boutique website.

A Find: Oakley’s Enlightened Tote

How many light bulbs does it take for a busy woman to find something in the depths of her bag? Ok, lame joke, but sometimes, I do wish for a flashlight as I dig through the dark, never-ending cavern that is my everyday tote. To answer this silly riddle – and my problem – Oakely had created the High Voltage Bag (128.95), a roomy tote with LED illumination and lots of organizational pockets inside. Whether it’s dark outside and you’re rummaging for your keys, or your phone’s ringing, buried beneath who-knows-what, the High Voltage Bag will solve those organizational issues. And along with being super-functional, the High Voltage is actually a little high fashion too. It has silver buckles and is available in black and olive. High Voltage? I say, highly necessary! Find it at Zappos.com. Check out a review of ingenius High Voltage Bag at popgadget.net a personal tech blog for women with the latest in must-have's and "don't need at all but must-have" merchandise.

A Find: Wristlet for Active Girls

Yesterday morning, I went for a power walk along Lake Michigan in Chicago. As always, I popped in my iPod ear buds and, on this walk, decided to also bring along my credit card, cell phone and keys. In the past, I've had to be resourceful when carrying extra gear on my morning strolls - I've attached my key ring to my shoe laces; I've folded my flip phone over the waist band of my running shorts; I've even stuck a credit card in my bra (until it started chafing). Yesterday I was able to test out my new Yasmena purse,and it made my morning jaunt so peaceful and comfortable! The Yazzy Bag Sport is like a wristlet but its so much easier to use. It has an elastic band, allowing you to clutch it in your palm or strap it onto your hand and is the perfect size - my credit card, keys and phone fit snugly inside of it. Finally, I could enjoy the morning breeze and the changing leaves without being distracted by dangling keys or chafed breasts. The Yazzy Bag Sport is great for active girls on the go, but the company also offers more formal bags, such as beaded ones, sequined ones, leather ones. Check out the functional and fashionable wristlet purses at eBags.com. The Yazzy Bag Sport (above) can be worn in four different ways!

A Find: Divine Diva Decadence

These days, Christmas trees twinkle and merry carols jingle weeks before Thanksgiving. I’m normally opposed to this rushing of seasons, but when it comes to holiday scents and flavors… well, that’s a different story. I did a celebratory dance when, in early November, Starbucks started offering Peppermint Mochas and Gingerbread Biscotti; I did another little jig last week when I discovered Diva Girl Body's holiday-scented body creams and shower gels. It may only be November, but I love lathering my thirsty skin in Sugar Cookie Body Soufflé. My new Gingerbread shower crème is as deliciously refreshing and spicy as my favorite biscotti. And the miniature, star-shaped Vanilla Marshmallow Bath Melts? They fizz in the bath, creating a decadent tub experience. Find the “Divine Diva Decadence” at DivaGirlBody.com – the products make for a great holiday present… or an indulgent year-round treat.

Site Review: More Black Friday Deals

Black Friday – that infamous day-after-Thanksgiving day when consumers flee their families and hit the shops – is fast approaching. Almost every locale from department stores to home furnishing stores acknowledges the inaugural day of holiday shopping with giant price slashing – and until recently, those sale prices were only revealed in glossy circulars just before the big day. But now, reports the New York Times, the sale prices are out, thanks to BF2005.com, a site created by an enterprising college freshman. BF2005 lists the rumored deals at over 40 superstores, including Best Buy, Ikea and Target, so that consumers can do the smartest shopping possible. The NYT says that sites like BF2005 encourage shoppers to, “exchange hard-to-find online coupon codes, and they offer instructions on how to combine rebates with one-day sales to cut retail prices in half.” Bargains already revealed on the site include: the Barbie Fashion Show Mall from Toys “R” US, regularly $99.99, for $29.97; a Canon camcorder from Sears, regularly $329.99, for $249.99; and a 12-volt drill from Ace Hardware, regularly $44.99, for $24.99. If you're going to do a lot of Black Friday shopping, at least know where the deals are. Get a sneak peek at sales and other shopping tips at bf2005.com.

A Find: Sassy Sash Style

It's Saturday morning and you're running out for a day full of errands and coffee dates. You want to throw on something comfy, but still want to look put-together and cute (you never know who you're going to run into at the grocery store.) Some women might throw on a Juicy velour track suit, but you're looking for something more... more carelessly classy. Sounds like the perfect morning for Sash's puff-sleeve t-shirt and a ribbon-lined jackes. The jackets are my favorite part of the Sash line - they're available in both denim and dark brown corduroy, have a perfect, feminine fit, and are accented with tons of bright ribbon. The company also offers soft and simple t-shirts that are great as layering pieces and a variety of fun ribbon accessories (think headbands, belts and watches.) Sash jackets are being included in the Country Music Awards gift bag - so you could be wearing the same jacket as the Dixie Chicks or Faith Hill. Find all the ribbon-lined goods at SashStyle.com.

SheFinds News: Barbie for Big Girls

A real-life Barbie sips a Barbie-tini at the opening of the Barbie Luxe line at Fred Segal Flair. When we were children, we thought Barbie was perfect. She had accessorized outfits for every occasion. She had silky blonde hair and she had the hunky Ken for a boyfriend. As we got older we started to learn just how unrealistic Barbie really was. Chain letters revealed that, if she were a real person, Barbie would be seven feet tall, have a bust of 38-40 inches, an 18-24 inch waist, 33-35 inch hips. She would weigh about 110 pounds and would have to walk on all fours due to her awkward proportions. We giggled when we realized that Ken was, apparently, asexual. Designer clad Barbies hit the runway. But now, it seems, Barbie’s back and she’s hotter than ever. According to Reuters, Mattel Inc. is joining with high-end fashion designers to create Barbie Luxe, a line of jeans, shirts, handbags and jewelry for hip teens and stylish twenty- and thirty-something women. Designers like Anna Sui, Anya Hindmarch, Citizens of Humanity, Judith Leiber, Nickel, Not Rational, Paper Denim & Cloth, Stil and Tarina Tarantino have added Barbie-inspired touches to their designs, such as pink stitching on jeans and “girly” surface designs. The collection, including jeans for $176 and hooded sweatshirts at $140, will be carried by private boutiques like Fred Segal Flair in Santa Monica, Calif.

A Find: Poetik’s Haiku T-Shirts

In the past year I’ve spent six months in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Always the dedicated shopper, I spent many an afternoon looking for cute t-shirts with Spanish phrases, but could only find ones with English slogans. I recently discovered Poetik’s shirts - and they are exactly what I was always searching for. Poetik’s organic cotton t-shirts feature simple, life-celebrating haikus, written in a variety of languages. People around the world craft the haikus and then submit them to Poetik’s website; the best ones are then selected and translated into many languages. My black, snugly fitting t-shirt features this haiku: “juegan los niños – sobre el mismo jardin – en que hubo guerra” – “the children play – in the same garden – where there was once war.” Profound, right? Find the globally inspired, haiku-decorated t-shirts at poetik.org.

A Find: Global Girlfriends

The next time you buy a knit scarf or a beaded bracelet, buy it from Global Girlfriends and support women around the world. Global Girlfriends, as seen in InStyle and Organic Style, is a fair-trade boutique that sells hand-made goods from women’s non-profit programs and women’s cooperatives. Just think about it: by buying a coral and metal choker – as chic as any you’d find at Anthropologie – you can support the Tara Project, a New Delhi, India-based organization that helps women gain awareness, rights and human dignity in order to combat poverty. Or by snagging a crochet poncho – stylish yet comfortable and easy to throw on – you can support Brazilian women in Coopa-Roca, South America’s largest shantytown. Global Girlfriends supports women from the U.S. and from some of the poorest countries in the world. So why be a slave to the man when, by buying fabulous crafts, you can support women? Boho coral necklace and Brazilian crochet poncho available from Global Girlfriends

SheFinds News: Subtle Safety rings

Any woman who has walked home late at night, with her keys between her fingers as a protective weapon, will appreciate the genius of RedStart Design’s Subtle Safety Defensive Ring. The ring, made of sterling silver with stainless steel rivets, can be worn on one finger – or can be expanded so that there is a sharp, pointy band on each of the three middle fingers. The Subtle Safety ring is part of an exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art called, “SAFE: Design Takes on Risk,” which features over 300 pieces that are designed to mix security, comfort and art. Check out the blog design*sponge or RedStart Designs to learn more about the Subtle Safety ring.

SheFinds News: Be True to Your School

Remember the good ol’ days, when you’d wake up, throw on a sweatshirt declaring the name of your beloved university, and high-tail it to class? Or how about those fall afternoons spent in the student section of the football stadium, cheering on your school’s team until you grew hoarse while proudly, patriotically, wearing clothing with the school’s name splashed across the chest? There’s something so comforting and classic about wearing collegiate clothing – and designers Chip and Pepper Foster are capitalizing on that nostalgia. Their company, Chip and Pepper, will debut in November its C&P University line, which will offer vintage-style t-shirts and jackets with various university names and mascots emblazoned on the front. Fifteen colleges will be represented in the November line, including New York University, Duke University, University of Arizona, University of Southern California and Stanford University. The line will be available at boutiques and department stores such as Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s of New York and Fred Segal in Los Angeles. Another way to represent your alma mater? Snag yourself a pair of collegiate rain boots, slippers or flip flops from Zappos.com

Blog Alert: Slave to Target

I love Target as much as the next girl. I love the deals and the designer-like brands; I even love how, every time I get to the register and the bill is extravagantly more than I thought it would be, I remark, “I guess all those little things add up!” For some women, however, Target is more than just a shopping destination - it’s a way of life. And for those, Slave To Target is the blog to read. Written by two self-described Target addicts, the blog uncovers all the fun stuff and great deals the store has to offer. Want a Shabby Chic vanity table – or maybe a Flight 001 garment bag? RedHotShopper and RedCart Romance have found them for you. Or, more likely, they’ll find something delightful that you never knew you needed, and then you’ll start shopping on Target.com, and, before you know it, the bill will be adding up… Find great stuff - and stuff you don't need at all - at Slave To Target.

SheFinds News: Disney Goes Bling

Cotton hoodie with rhinestone-detailed Tinkerbell, from Kitson Couture We long ago abandoned the sparkly crowns and gowns of our Disney Princess childhoods. But now, it seems, you have to be a princess to afford Disney. Vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirts have been creeping into stores for a couple seasons; now the whimsical animators are re-fashioning themselves to be competitors in the high-end fashion market. It’s all part of a trend, Reuters reported this month, that finds Disney re-inventing itself as a classic, all-American luxury brand. At two Los Angeles Fashion Week events, Disney previewed its new Alice in Wonderland-inspired clothing, home décor and accessories lines, which will be carried this spring by designer shops such as Fred Segal, Drexel Heritage and Zelen. Vintage Disney tie-dyed Mickey Mouse t-shirt, at Active Endeavors Other fashion icons are catching onto the trend, too: Dolce and Gabbana offered a $1,400 crystal-studded Mickey Mouse t-shirt and Kidada Jones, daughter of music legend Quincy Jones, will design for Disney a line of jewelery, cashmere throws and pillows. Love Disney-themed clothing but hate the luxury-brand prices? We've found a couple tops that are funkier than anything you'd find in the Disney store - but more affordable than anything you'd find at Fred Segal. Vintage Disney's Minnie shirt, with sheer cami underneath, find it at Vibe the Boutique

Trend Alert: Feathers are Super-Fly

Feathers are super-fly on this gorgeous Roberto Cavalli dress. Feathers will be flying everywhere this winter! If you don't believe me, then listen to Vogue: "Plumes exude bird-of-paradise flamboyance and give classic styles a glamorous touch," declares the fashion bible. Start off small, with a simple peacock feather necklace, or go all out and spring for feather-adorned shoes. But either way, I can guarantee you, feathers are the new fur. Spotlight Pendant, with peacock feather, available from Anthropologie. DKNY Drawstring Feather bags, from Nordstrom.com. Irregular Choice "Satine" pump, decorated with feathers, jewels and fringe. Find them at Zappos.com.

A Find: Natually Delicious Bella Lucc

I used to be skeptical about chocolate-scented body products. But that was before I experienced Bella Lucce's Dutch Chocolate Decadence Bliss Crème and Sugar Scrub. Now? Now, I’m a believer. The rich, brownie-scented products are all-natural and are made from prime-pressed cocoa butter and actually include cocoa absolute, chocolate extract and cocoa powder. Delicious. Bella Luccè’s autumn offerings - Pumpkin Glow, Cranberry Fig and Gingerbread Crème – also sound pretty tempting. They’re available as moisturizers, scrubs and bath luxuries. Based on my experience with Dutch Chocolate, I’m guessing these three flavors are mouth-wateringly scrumptious. But Bella Lucce’s does more than just whip up fabulous skin care lines. Their products are hand-made, environmentally friendly and contain raw materials from 26 countries across the world. The company contributes a portion of its profits to a different charity each quarter, and is currently donating money to the private, non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders.

Beauty Find: Coffee break for your lips

Ever find yourself desperately craving your caffeinated beverage of choice? Instead of turning into a glazed-eye zombie as you scour the streets for the nearest Starbucks, get glossy Crazy Rumors’ Brew or Perk lip balms. The Brew balms come in tea flavors such as Orange Bergamot, Peppermint Lemongrass and Spiced Chai; the Perk balms are available in flavors such as Amaretto, French Vanilla and Mocha. I’ve tried the Hazelnut Lip Latte and Ginger Peach Tea balms and, seriously, they’re delicious. The all-natural, vegan-friendly balms left my lips feeling smooth and the sweet, spicy scents lingered long after I’d applied. Crazy Rumors’ lip balms may not cure me of my caffeine addiction, but they’re a great substitute in between java breaks. Get your fix at crazyrumors.com.

SheFinds News: Watch Me Change

I’ll attempt to describe Watch Me Change, Gap’s new virtual dressing room - but to get the full effect, you’ll have to check it out… On the site, you first create a model, designing her body type and physical features. Then you dress her, picking from an assortment of colored tanks, button downs, blazers and bottoms. And then your virtual model struts around the dressing room, stripping off each article of clothing and dancing wildly to porno music. She ends her performance wearing just bra and underwear. (Gap Body, I presume.) Can you really predict whether an outfit will fit you, based on how it fits a virtual model? Doubtful. Will Gap’s fall line inspire you to do a strip tease? Again, doubtful. But one thing is for sure: You should definitely check out the site, even if it’s just for amusement. Just make sure to turn the volume down.

A Find: Target’s Global Home line

In my dream world, I’d buy all the decorations for my new apartment at Anthropologie. But unfortunately, in my reality world, I can’t justify spending more than $75 on a single pillow nor more than $90 on sheer curtains. Lucky for us women on a budget, Target has created the Global Home line. Everything in the Global Home collection comes in bright, rich colors, and much of it is embroidered and decorated - yet it’s a fraction of the cost of anything from Anthropologie. There are rich, wine-colored decorative pillows for less than $20, embroidered sheet sets for less than $60, and sheer, sequin-decorated curtains for less than $20. And believe me, when people compliment you on your beautiful curtains and bedding, it'll feel really good to tell them you bought it all at Target. Global Home's gold-embroidered decorative pillow and sequined curtains, available from Target.

A Find: Kate Spade iPod Cases

If you’re going to walk down the street with that tell-tale white cord dangling from your little white ear buds, you might as well look good while doing so. Which means you’re going to need a cute cover for your iPod. And it’s gotten to the point where your iPod case says as much about you as the tunes you’re jamming to; a Gucci case shows you can bling with the best of them, while a Timbuk2 case says that you’re casual and on-the-go. If you’re style is more classic and elegant, you may want to consider a kate spade iPod case. You can either match the case to a Kate Spade purse you already have or can choose one to attach to your favorite bag. The leather cases come in three sizes - iPod, iPod Mini or iPod Shuffle - and a number of colors. Because now, even our accessories require accessories. Fulham iPod shuffle case and Broome Street Jaine iPod case, by kate spade

News: Saks’ Fashion Incubator

Want to discover the hot designers before they’ve become mainstream-hot? Check out the collections of five emerging designers at Saks Fifth Avenue’s new Fashion Incubator. The site, created to spotlight the work of the fashion industry’s up-and-coming, features funky shoes, great bags and sharp clothing. You definitely won’t find any bargains on the site (we’re talking $1280 for a cool, studded tote and more than $400 for hot pink pumps) – but it’s a chance to get acquainted with some young designers before they become regulars on the pages of Vogue. I especially loved Eugenia Kim's cashmere/patent leather pumps and Be&D's studded leather satchel. Both designers are featured in the Fashion Incubator.

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