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Clinique 3-Step System For Stubborn, Hard-To-Manage Skin

March 31, 2008 by SheFindsChristine
shefinds |

Recently, I've settled on the fact that I'll just have to live the rest of my life with erratic skin. My mom still has acne in her mid-fifties and has convinced me that she's tried everything, it's genetic, and basically, I'm screwed for life. Thanks Mom!

One positive note from mother – apparently I can look forward to clear skin when I'm pregnant. If you could only hear the sarcasm.

I've tried everything. From dermatologist prescribed creams like Retin A, to Acutane and other oral medications, to every over-the-counter face wash, toner, scrubber, exfoliator, cream, lotion, serum you can imagine. Even the 3-step celebrity-guaranteed system that need-not-be-named didn't work for me. So what's a gal to do?

I've always seen Clinique's 3-Step System in friends' medicine cabinets, but thought, how can something so generic work for my complicated skin? Turns out, Clinique has turned with the tides and created different 3-Step System products for every skin type from oily to dry. Their website has this great questionnaire that helped me figure out which products I needed. Turns out, I needed all three products in the "you have acne" strength. Big surprise.

The Acne Solution cleansing foam ($17.50) is mild yet effective and made my face feel amazingly smooth.


The Acne Solutions clarifying lotion ($13.50) – or exfoliating toner as I know it – cleans off all that extra makep that my face-washing regime missed. It really gets rid of all the excess oil on my face and neck.  

The Acne Solutions clearing moisturizer ($16) has that amazing acne zapper we know as benzoyl peroxide that helps control oil throughout my day. It's lightly hydrating so it is great for my dry cheeks and oily forehead and nose. 

This three step system is bound to last me about two to three months – absolutely worth the price for the beautiful skin it's giving me. All 3 products add up to $47. Or get the 4-week starter kit for just $32. Smaller sizes, but at least they'll let you try it out.

Get Yours: nordstrom.com

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