Hey, Sasquatch! Just Say No To Unwanted Fuzz

November 14, 2007 by SheFindsCatesby
shefinds |

What: The no!no!, $250

Why: The no!no! “painless, professional hair removal” device—a razor-like machine without a blade—is somewhat mystifying at first. Is there wax somewhere in this box that I’m just not seeing?

But no, no—the no!no! is in fact a layman’s version of the laser hair removal technology that professionals have been using for years. It works like this: as you run the device along your skin, it pulses out heat energy that “burns” the hair. The charge also disrupts the hair’s growth deeper down in the follicle. Over time, this process reduces hair density. My aesthetician used to zap me using an elaborate machine armed with a long chord, an air tube, and something akin to a tazer gun, so, needless to say, the no!no! is definitely an exciting innovation.

The results, however, left me less impressed. Even after going over areas several times, using both "blades"—one for long hair and one for stubble—I was left with lots of rogue hairs.

But it’s far simpler than waxing or shaving (no wax or water involved), and the no!no! box does warn that professional results take time and patience. Sure, this may not be the easiest treatment out there, but the once you've mastered its subtleties, this permanent hair removal device will probably become your best friend. Yes! Yes!

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