The 2-Second Trick For Breaking In Your New Sneakers

September 12, 2017 by Leah Carton
shefinds | Fashion

You finally get your hands on that new pair of sneakers you’ve been eyeing forever. Sneakers like Adidas and Vans have been so trendy, so obviously you must keep up with the times. While they’re cute, there’s definitely a catch– I mean that would be too good to be true, right? It’s no secret that new sneakers hurt. You walk around all day showing off your new kicks only to come home to a fresh new blister. But before you start putting your credit card away thinking twice about purchasing a new pair, know that there are ways to prevent painful sneakers. There are plenty of quick tricks for breaking in new sneakers.

All you need is a pair of shoe shapers, like this one from Amazon, ($21.99) and a chunky pair of socks to break in your sneakers. Here is the 2-second 2-step trick for breaking in your sneakers.

  1. Before you go to bed, make sure to quickly slip on a pair of socks over each shoe shaper
  2. Insert each shoe shaper into each new sneaker to help stretch them out

This takes literally two seconds to do and it will help boost along the breaking in process while you sleep! Seriously, shoe shapers can help break in shoes. Just make sure you don’t stretch out those new sneakers too much, you obviously still want them to fit properly, you just don’t want them to be too tight. Even moving around a shoe shaper in your new sneaker for a few moments or minutes can help to stretch out the fabric. That means no limping around and definitely no blisters. In this case, “no pain, no gain,” doesn’t apply here. You’ll be pain-free and your shoes will be extra comfy in little to no time.

Another step for breaking in new shoes, which applies to more than just sneakers, takes a bit longer but is just as effective. Let’s think about what you’ll need for this sneaker hack. For starters, you’ll need to grab two plastic sandwich bags, and have access to both water and a freezer. Now, here are the steps you’ll need to follow for an additional way to break in those sneakers….

  1. Fill the two plastic bags with water
  2. Place each bag of water into the toe of each sneaker
  3. Place shoes into the freezer overnight

This hack allows the water to freeze overnight, which will allow the bags to expand so that your new shoes can be stretched out. Pretty genius, right? Just make sure those plastic bags are sealed tight so there aren’t any leaks overnight that can damage those new sneakers!

We have all the details for 2-second quick trick fixes for your everyday style. They honestly make everything so much more comfortable to wear. If you loved this trick, make sure you check out The 2-Second Trick For Telling Whether A Bra FitsThe 2-Second Trick For Telling Whether Leggings Are See-Through, and The 2-Second Trick For Telling If Jeans Will Fit Without Trying Them On.

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