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Beauty and science are a match made in heaven when it comes to bath products. We tested gallons of body wash, bubble bath, and aromatherapy products to find the most bubbly, relaxing and best-smelling products out there. So before you get ready to draw your next bath, take a look at our top finds.
Treat yourself to some top beauty products and check out our guides for the best in foot creams, dry hair repair, and travel beauty.

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Beauty Diary: I Just Starting Using The New Oval 7 Brush From Artis

We all know Artis for their luxurious makeup brushes with engineered fibers for a flawless application. The brushes are definitely the best of the best…  and their price tag definitely reflects that. Let’s just say, they’re definitely an investment for your makeup collection. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and splurging on an Artis […]

,, | June 15, 2018

Want To Give Hair Extensions A Try? You Need To Start With These

If your plans to grow your hair out for summer didn’t work out quite as planned, there’s an easy fix: hair extensions! Yes, I know they can be intimidating and bad ones are literally the worst, but the 100% human Remy hair extensions we have in our SheFinds Shop are not only easy to add […]

,, | June 14, 2018

This Lifting Collagen Mask Will Work Wonders On Chin And Neck

If you know anything about beauty, then you know face masks are all the rage right now. There are masks to combat puffy undereyes, dullness and even hyperpigmentation. And now thanks to MagicStripes, there’s also a mask that helps lift, tighten and define the lower half of the face. You know that pesky double chin and […]

Take My Word For It: You Need This All-Over Moisturizing Balm In Your Beauty Bag For Summer

You know what they say, Sun’s out, bums out. Okay, maybe not your bum, but your feet, legs and arms definitely are. That means keeping those rough parts soft and hydrated is more important than ever once the warm weather arrives. My skin tends to be dry, so there are some days when my regular […]