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Get Whiter Teeth

In the quest for whiter teeth, people the world over who always say things like “I’ll do it eventually” were all but silenced when Crest debuted easy at-home whitening strips. Seven years later, we still think these non-fussy strips are the best way to whiten. Read on for our strip suggestions, plus a bunch of ways to maintain your pearly whites day-to-day.

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,,, | June 20, 2019

The One Lipstick Trend Every Woman Should Try This Summer According To A Makeup Artist

I’m definitely a lipstick girl; I don’t often leave home with bare lips. But like most people, I have a few go-to colors and formulas that I love and I rarely deviate from them. But now that summer is here, I’ve been feeling a bit adventurous. So when I had the opportunity to chat up […]

27 Brands That Are Celebrating Pride Month By Giving Back

June is a very exciting month. Not only does it hold the first official day of summer (hello summer Fridays!) but it is also Pride Month. Throughout the month there will be many events and parades to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness of the stigmas and challenges that they still face. But that’s […]

Can’t Remember To Wear Sunscreen? Start Using This Amazing Daily Moisturizer ASAP

Like most people, I know why I should wear sunscreen. Vanity reasons aside, your skin really does need protection from the sun’s rays. As with pollution and global warming, it’s really only becoming more imperative. That said, sometimes my morning are so crazed that I, well, just don’t have time to get any sunscreen on. […]

Here’s How To Get A $200 Teeth Whitening Kit For Just $12.99

If a whiter, brighter smile is on your summer wish list, let’s make that dream a reality! The truewhite Advanced Plus Whitening System is one of the best, most effective at-home whitening options out there because you can actually see a change of shade after only one treatment. Pretty incredible, right? Here’s the even better […]