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Bras For Big Busts

There’s nothing wrong with being more endowed than your friends, but there are some things that are downright difficult, especially when it comes to buying clothes. Do button-up blouses look like a tent everywhere else? Does leaning over and spilling out of a sexy top or dress sound familiar? Then you’re in the big bust club. Don’t fret—we’re here for you.
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This Is The Strapless Bra Every Woman Needs For Holiday Party Season (And Beyond)

Finding a comfortable bra is already difficult enough. Add to that that you need a strapless bra and your task just went from hard to virtually impossible. Except, not any more! Have you heard of Lively? If not, I’m here to deliver some seriously exciting lingerie news. Lively is this awesome new company that married […]

This Pretty Calvin Klein Bra Is SO Cheap Right Now–Get It For Under $30

Considering you spend the majority of your day in a bra, you want one that doesn’t have slipping straps or an annoyingly tight band and it doesn’t hurt if it actually looks nice too. More often than not, bras that look pretty are usually uncomfortable. And comfortable bras get the bad rep of being ugly […]

,,, | December 18, 2017

This Is–Hands Down–The Best Bralette For Women Who Need Comfort And Support

I usually wear a C or D cup, which means I don’t often find bralettes that give me the support I need. Sure, I love the look of them and I’m down to wear anything that doesn’t have a wire, but unless I want my breasts looking sad and droopy, bralettes aren’t usually a good […]

Once And For All, These Are The Best Wireless Bras For All Bust Sizes

Shopping for the perfect bra is harder than finding a signifiant other. Just like finding the ideal mate, you have to factor in your specific needs and preferences, and then test it out to see if it’s the right fit. Once you account for price, color, and style, determining if a bra fits properly and […]