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We know you want to look your best in bed, but don’t go killing yourself at the gym or starving a week before Valentine’s Day.  The thought of abandoning your Spanx seems horrific, but there are ways to camouflage your problem areas and still be sexy and revealing. Just continue with a healthy diet and exercise routine, and don’t stress about it. You have enough problems just trying to find him a gift. Then again, we have found the perfect gift for both you and your man in this guide: sexy lingerie for you that you’ll both love.
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,, | June 21, 2018

This $35 Push-Up Bra Is Wirefree And Crazy Comfortable

Be honest: how soon after you get in your house does your bra come off? For me, it’s the third thing that I remove after I kick off my shoes and toss my handbag down. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of freeing yourself from your bra. But what if I told you there was […]

This Pretty Calvin Klein Bra Is SO Cheap Right Now–Get It For Under $30

Considering you spend the majority of your day in a bra, you want one that doesn’t have slipping straps or an annoyingly tight band and it doesn’t hurt if it actually looks nice too. More often than not, bras that look pretty are usually uncomfortable. And comfortable bras get the bad rep of being ugly […]

The Softest Everyday Bra From Nordstrom Is Back In Stock For 25% Off

While I love shopping, bra shopping is kind of the worst. You wear them for hours upon hours so you want a bra that gives you support but also is super comfortable. However, trying on bras is annoying and they’re expensive! That’s why I had to share my latest find from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale. […]

Be The First To Shop Lively’s New Crazy Comfortable Wirefree Strapless Bra

Is there anything Lively can’t do? Not only did they change the game with a bralette that works for women up to a size 38DDD, but they just debuted a new bra that is unlike any other. Are you ready for this? You can now own a strapless bra that is wirefree and actually stays […]