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Cheap Underwear

It’s amazing how pricey underwear can be, when it’s something (almost) no one gets to see. And no matter the cost, it always seems to turn out that you replace it after a couple short years, anyway. Since panties have  such a high turnover rate, why not be practical and invest, lightly, in affordable underwear? We’ve gathered the best of cheap underwear so you can look good underneath, with plenty of funds leftover for the rest of your outfit.

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Now Is The Time To Buy A Sports Bra… Because The Best One Is On Sale For 50% Off!

Cliche or not, the New Year is as good a reason as any to commit to exercising more. Of course, you’re not ready for a workout without a comfortable, supportive sports bra, so get over to Nordstrom ASAP and snag this Zella Karma Rib Racerback Sports Bra while it’s on sale for 50% off. Yes, half off! […]

Nordstrom Just Put *The Best* Bra On Sale For 40% Off–Get One ASAP!

I’m a bit superstitious and totally buy into the hype about starting a new year “on the right foot.” For me, that includes letting go of things that don’t bring joy. As such, I always clean out my lingerie drawer at the end of the year and toss bras that poke, prod and are just […]

I Finally Tried THINX Underwear–Here’s What You Need To Know

Like most women, I’ve been curious about THINX underwear for a while now. The brand was a total game-changer when they launched their period-proof underwear a few years back. Let me back-up for those of you that may not be familiar with THINX. They make absorbent underwear that can eliminate the need to wear a […]

Every Woman Should Own This $35 Wirefree Push-Up Bra–It’s *So* Comfortable

Be honest: how soon after you get in your house does your bra come off? For me, it’s the third thing that I remove after I kick off my shoes and toss my handbag down. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of freeing yourself from your bra. But what if I told you there was […]