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Cheap Workout Gear

If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more time in the gym, you’re probably searching for some new workout clothes that won’t empty your bank account. SheFinds has done all of the hard work for you, so read on to find affordable gear… from sports bras to outerwear… that doesn’t look cheap and is built to last. Suit up, and start your resolution!

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How Fitness Brand Outdoor Voices Inspired Me To Enjoy My Workouts Again

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Given my recent experiences, I think this sentiment also applies to working out. If you feel powerful and positive in your workout clothes, you’re more likely to If you know me, you know I D-R-E-A-D working out. I was always […]

,,, | May 28, 2018

Ten Minutes With This Fitness Tool Is The Equivalent To One Hour At The Gym

Summer is quickly approaching and with that is the probability of wearing fewer layers and enjoying some pool time in your cute new swimsuit. If you got off your fitness routine since your tough New Years resolutions, don’t stress. This Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine is here to save the day. By sending gentle vibrations […]

Finally! You Can Workout Anywhere With This Innovative Piece Of Fitness Equipment

If you’ve been committed to your fitness regimen in preparation for the upcoming summer, we commend you! It’s tough to constantly squeeze the gym in while also thinking of your to-do list that’s a mile long. If you can’t always make it to your workout – you’re in luck. This mini elliptical is so easy to […]

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The One Thing You Should Never Wear To A Spin Class, According To An Instructor

Going to your first spin class is daunting, to say the least. There are so many things that are probably on your mind: setting up the bike properly, figuring out how to clip in those funny shoes and, most importantly, deciding what to wear. We’re here to help with the last part because that’s kind […]