Best Ear Crawlers

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Ear crawlers are everywhere, from style blogs to your Instagram feed. In case you’re confusing them with cuffs and jackets, ear crawlers are earrings that start at your ear lobe and go up your ear. They are slightly curved so they can lay up the side of your ear. Some ear crawlers are bejeweled with diamonds or crystals, other have pearl accents, and some are simply minimal gold or silver designs.

With all the different styles available, you can find pairs that work for the office in the daytime and going out at night or even a special event! You can even try wearing just one on a single ear to really make a statement.

Another reason why this earring trend  is definitely here to stay is the fact that the best ear crawlers come at all different price ranges. If you just want to experiment with one really great pair, we recommend hitting up BaubleBar for on-trend ear crawlers that don’t cost a fortune. If you decide that this trend is definitely for you, then you might decide to invest in a more expensive pair from the likes of Jennifer Zeuner. Or stock up on a bunch from BaubleBar.

Really, the choice is up to you, but you can’t really go wrong with such a fun trend by experimenting with different types of designs. Some of the most popular ones include constellations and spikes. And as if you need any more convincing that ear crawlers are the coolest new earring trend, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence are fans. Need we say more?

[Photo: Viva Luxury]