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If you’ve spent these past few years staunchly avoiding the leggings craze, it’s time to give in. Mark our words; once you try these form-fitting pants, you’ll never go back. Not only are they uber-comfortable for literally any activity, leggings are the perfect bottoms for those loose and long tops you love – you know the ones that look so awkward with all your jeans and skirts? These watertight pants are the answer you’ve been looking for – take a look, we’ve compiled all our top picks for your shopping convenience.

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These Lightweight, Silky Soft Leggings Are Perfect For The Warmer Weather

Unwilling to part with your beloved leggings just because the weather is getting warmer? I feel you. Nothing is more comfortable when you’re chilling at home or running errands around the neighborhood. But chances are, the leggings you’ve been wearing all winter long are (1) a bit too heavy for summer weather and (2) not […]

If You Love Black Leggings, Then You *Need* To Add This $17 Pair To Your Collection ASAP

Jeans are definitely my first love, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a great pair of basic black leggings. Whether I’m lounging around the house or need something simple to pair with a tunic or oversized sweater, black leggings are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. That’s why I just have to let you […]

3 Brands With The Most Affordable Black Leggings That Won’t Turn See-Through

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5 Leggings With Pockets So You Never Have To Carry A Gym Bag Again

Whether you’re hitting the pavement for a run or spending the next hour in downward dog, lugging a big bag or purse around is only going to slow you down and get in the way of perfecting your Warrior II. A pair of leggings with pockets were once an adorable feature found only on select […]