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The greatest invention of this generation is hands down, body shapewear. With so many ways to suck in unwanted bulges, shapewear for your body is to the rescue, which means you should never feel insecure about wearing something you love again. Now they’ve got shapewear tops, shapewear bodysuits, shapewear pants, and even compression workout gear and swimsuits. More than just Spanx, there are tons of brands that do this well, making it easy to feel confident about the way you look. Oh, and even better: there’s so much cute shapewear and pretty shapewear on the market now, you don’t even have to be embarrassed if a guy sees it. That’s what we call progress.

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This Discreet Shaper Isn’t Just Perfect Under Summer Skirts And Dresses–It Fights Cellulite, Too

As much as I love the high waist trend that’s popular right now, I have to admit that it’s sometimes at odds with my love of food. How’s a girl supposed to indulge in pizza or tacos wearing a close-fitting high-waist skirt? Turns out, the answer is simple: wear a shaper underneath! But not just […]

,, | June 28, 2016

Is It Bad To Wear Shapewear When It’s Really, Really Hot? The Answer

I’m a die-hard shapewear wearer. I have a little muffin top/pouch situation that looks so much better when I wear it. It really is amazing what a difference a thin piece of fabric can make– I know it sounds granny, but it’s true. I feel so much more confident when wearing it (no, I’m not a […]

,, | May 4, 2016

Is Shapewear Really Bad For You? The Answer, Once And For All

Obviously, shapewear is an amazing creation that’s been working to eliminate muffin tops and smooth unsightly bulges foreva (or since it was invented). In theory, we agree, it’s the absolute best. But in practice, is it actually okay for your body? We all know that waist trainers are bad — thanks for turning us onto […]

Save An Extra 30% On Sale Items At Spanx This Weekend Only! #NoShame

Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed about wearing (and loving!) Spanx. There probably isn’t a woman (or man for that matter!) who hasn’t slipped into some of their supportive shapewear over the years. So we’ll spare you the whole spiel about why there’s no shame in owning Spanx; we all do! Which leads us […]