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Most brides want cheap wedding shoes for their weddings–and it makes perfect sense! Cheap wedding shoes are often as beautiful as expensive ones and look just as good in photos, but for a small fraction of the cost. By saving money on your wedding shoes you’ll have more to spend on things like your gown or your reception (which is what guests will really remember–not what’s on your feet!).

And since almost every bride is on a budget and doesn’t have unlimited funds to spend on things like shoes and accessories, a $50 pair is a great option. Plus, you’re only going to wear them once–so why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes that will sit in the back for your closet forever? It’s nonsense.

Now that we agree that cheap wedding shoes are the way to go, let’s talk about where to get them. Many brands sell wedding shoes under $100 that are comfortable and look great in photos, too–our favorite places to shop are Nordstrom, Zappos and Nina Shoes. You can find satin wedding shoes in a wide range of colors (blue, pink, red, dyeable) and styles (D’orsay, sandals, pumps, flats) for under $100 online. Some of the best cheap wedding shoes are actually comfortable, too. Score!

Whether you’re throwing a destination wedding on the beach or a black-tie wedding in a banquet hall, there is a perfect pair of inexpensive wedding shoes for you–and you don’t need to compromise your personal taste, either. Don’t believe me? Then see for yourself:

[Photo: KT Merry]