Can Perfume Go Bad? The Answer.

November 10, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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I get bored of wearing the same fragrance every day so I have a decent collection of perfume. Since I don’t wear the same one every day, the bottles tend to last for a long time. I recently cleaned out my perfume collection and ended up tossing bottles I’ve had for years and years because they just didn’t smell right. Can perfume actually go bad?

The ladies over at Marie Claire talked to two perfume experts to figure out if a perfume can expire. Jan Ahlgren, founder of niche fragrance house Vilhelm Parfumerie says, “If you store it correctly and avoid direct sunlight, fragrance can be like wine…it improves over time.” He does note that you should check your fragrances after about five years.

When it comes to storing your perfume, keep in mind that sunlight is extremely bad for your fragrance! Ahlgren suggests storing perfume in your closet, away from the sun, heat and radiators. If you don’t want to store it in your closet, you can always opt for a dresser drawer!

If you aren’t sure whether or not your perfume has truly gone bad, there are three ways to tell:

1. Smell. If your fragrance doesn’t smell right, then it’s probably gone bad so toss it out!

2. Color. If you notice your fragrance has changed in color, specifically darker, then it has most definitely changed.

3. Label. Take note of the ingredients in your perfumes. Certain notes like citrus are fast-evaporating, therefore, don’t last as long.

Don’t miss how to get your perfume scent to last longer and check out Essie’s latest glitter top coats!

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