Celebrity Do's and Don'ts: Breakups

March 20, 2007 by SheFindsGenevieve
shefinds |

In image-obsessed Hollywood, it seems as if no one dares change her style without the say-so of a stylist — unless she’s just been dumped. Here are some hints about what (and what not) to do after a breakup.

DO: Change your hairstyle. It’s great to feel like a new woman when you hit the scene again and hair is a perfect playground since it grows back fast enough to cover up any ill-advised chops. Cameron Diaz marked her return to the market with a short black bob that’s sleek, sexy and playful. Go for it and try a color you’ve always loved.

DON’T: Change up your hairstyle every week and a half. A haircut, extensions and three hair colors in less than a month make you look certifiable, not sexy. (Britney, we’re looking at you.)

DO: Take stock. Were you feeling a little sedentary before things went south? Grab some yoga pants and stretch it out. Reese Witherspoon lost about 200 pounds of Ryan Phillippe and showed up to the Golden Globes looking toned and taut. Thank her trainer and her kids for running her around.

DON’T: Try to alter yourself just to please the ex (or the imaginary next). Toothpick-thin isn’t working for Renee Zellweger, who looks anemic rather than alluring, and Jennifer Aniston’s latest ‘deviated septum’ is more a cry for help than a call of independence.

DO: Show up looking fantastic in front of your friends (or the national media). Drew Barrymore took to the red carpet in killer peep-toe pumps, a

strapless, sparkling cocktail dress and a handbag in fire-engine red that matches her perfect pout. Read ’em and weep, Fabrizio!

DON’T: Pile out of your car in a short skirt without wearing underwear. (Yes, Britney. We’re looking at you — again.)

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