Check Out 6 Clever Ways To Use Orange Peels Around The House

December 23, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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When most people eat oranges, they throw away the peels. While the peels don’t look like much, there are actually many different uses for them. Next time you eat an orange, you should consider keeping the peels! Here are six different ways to use orange peels around the house.

1. Deodorizer. Oranges have a fairly strong smell. Use the peels to deodorize your garbage or refrigerator. You can even put orange peels in your sink’s disposal and run until clear. No more smelly sinks!

2. Clean your microwave. Heat up some orange peels in a microwave safe bowl filled with water. The steam from the water and citrus from the peels will effortlessly remove any food residue.

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3. Prevent brown sugar from hardening. Ugh, isn’t it the worst when you go to use brown sugar and it’s as hard as a rock? Place a piece of orange peel in the box/bag of brown sugar and it will slowly release oil to keep the sugar moist.

4. Toss them in the fire. Fill your home with a citrus scent by throwing orange peels into the fire. Plus, since orange oils are flammable, your fire will start a lot quicker!

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5. A natural sponge. Use orange peels as a sponge before they dry out. The natural oils will help de-grease gunky surfaces.

6. Body scrub. Place orange peels in a piece of cheesecloth or muslin and tie it shut. Use it the same way you would use a loofah in the shower.

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