Treat Yourself To A ClassPass Membership For Summer--You Won't Regret It

May 13, 2019 by Jeanine Edwards
shefinds | Fitness

We get it: sometimes you’re in the mood for yoga and other times it’s barre you crave. And with new workouts and fitness classes popping up so often these days, who doesn’t want the flexibility to try the latest exercise craze when the mood strikes?

That’s why we love ClassPass. It’s a genius membership service that allows you to try different fitness activities at gyms and studios near you. They even give you access to hundreds of video and audio workouts so you can workout from the comfort of your home when you need to. The best part, though? The flexible plan options designed to accommodate your lifestyle and schedule. There’s a plan for people who love being active as often as possible every month, which allows you to book up to 20 classes per month! On the flip side, there’s also a plan for people that have a lot going on, but want to fit in 2-5 classes wherever they can. And if you happen to need more credits every so often to book classes when you have extra time, you can easily do that, too!

We also love ClassPass because it’s a great option no matter your experience level. There are always awesome class options for those of us just beginning to incorporate exercise into our routine as well as new and exciting classes for bona fide exercise experts.

We can attest to the benefits of being active all year round, but the start of summer is an especially good time to commit to a more active lifestyle. Not only is physical fitness a proven way to help boost your mood and emotional well-being, but it’s also linked to better sleep and a host of other health benefits. Who doesn’t want to start the season of fun in the sun on the right foot?

If you still need a little nudge to try ClassPass ASAP, they’re currently offering free trials. Yes, you read that right–free! The free trial lets you try a few classes before committing to the monthly plan that makes most sense for you.


The editors at SheFinds wrote this post on behalf of ClassPass and received compensation as part of our agreement.


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