50 Celebrities Who Need A Pedicure (It’s Open Toe Season!)

April 3, 2015 by Andriena Baldwin

Selena Gomez has some tiny toenails that could've used some polish.
Pumice stone, meet Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten Dunst, meet pumice stone.
Maybe Jennifer Lawrence was channeling Katniss and living with only the bare necessities when she hit the red carpet this day.
Felicity Jones could have polished her feet before attending this red carpet event.
Julianne Moore's shoes are cute, but those nude toes...not so much.
Not too sure if Melissa Joan Hart has been playing sports or something, but those toe nails have been through something.
Annalyne McCord has long toes, and they draw attention. She could've at least decorated them with some polish.
Ellen Page's toes have some discoloration a good pedicurist could've handled before she got on the red carpet.
Zoe Kazan could go for a polish change and some lotion before she attends her next event.
Some polish would've really done Taylor Lauderman some good.
Dear Amy Brennaman, chipped toe nail polish is not a thing.
A little polish would've made Jaime King's shoes that much cuter.
Yes, Kenya Moore has some polish on, but those corns could use a little attention next time she visits the salon.
At least Lebron James knows he needs a pedicure. We hope he left the salon with better looking feet than when he came in.
Amber Rose Amber Rose has that pretty pink polish on, but there's something a little strange about that big toe.
Anna Sophia Robb Cute shoes Anna Sophia Robb, but some polish on those piggies would've made them look even better.
Audrina Partridge Not too sure why Audrina Partridge skipped the pedicure on this day, maybe she was in a time crunch?
Blanca Blanco Even the pretty metallic gold shoes couldn't distract us from Blanca Blanco's toes.
Carrie Preston Yes, there's polish, but Carrie Preston's may need something more than that to cover up those crooked toes.
Dakota Fanning Looks like Dakota Fanning's soles could use a good scrubbing.
Gina Rodriguez Are open-toed shoes and naked toe nails becoming a trend? We hope not. Please use polish Gina Rodriguez.
Heidi Klum Heidi Klum is a top model, not a foot model. Thank goodness.
Helen Hunt We never really liked the idea of acrylic on toes, but with Helen Hunt's teeny tiny toenails, that seems like a good option.
Hillary Swank Don't know what's going on with the second toe on Hillary Swank's foot, but a good pedicure may be able to fix it.
Iman As beautiful as she is, you'd never guess these feet belong to supermodel Iman.
Jaime Alexander Jaime Alexander has a crooked toe, sure that's not something a pedicure can fix...maybe a podiatrist is needed.
Jemima Khan Ewww. We're not to sure what to say about Jemima Khan's heels.
Jenna Dewan Tatum Jenna Dewan Tatum may not have to worse feet in this slideshow, but it looks like her nail person may have missed a spot around her big toe.
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston could use some polish and possibly some tweezers after walking barefoot on this wood.
Jennifer Lawrence The odds aren't in favor of Jennifer Lawrence's toes that's for sure.
Jennifer Love Hewitt There's a fine line between neatly pedicured and doing too much. Jennifer Love Hewitt crossed that line...and they're a bit too long.
Jim Carrey Ok ok ok. So these aren't Jim Carrey's real feet. But you have to admit, these foot shoes could really use a pedicure.
Julia Jones Dear Julia Jones, say it with us, "polish."
Lady Gaga So this may have been part of Lady Gaga's "outfit" for the night, but these feet look baddddd.
Lady Gaga So these are Lady Gaga's actual feet. Yep, she could still use a pedicure.
Lara Flynn Boyle If you're going to go barefoot on the red carpet, you should probably get a pedicure Lara Flynn Boyle.
Leann Rimes Calling all pumice stones. Calling all pumice stones. Leann Rimes is in desperate need of your help.
Lea Thompson Not sure if the polish application was bad or if Lea Thompson just has oddly shaped toenails.
Lindsay Lohan The tan lines on Lindsay Lohan's feet are crazy. But did we expect anything else.
Lyndsy Fonseca Lyndsy Fonseca's feet could use some serious moisture...
Michelle Rodriguez When your feet are already this bad, walking barefoot outside can't make them any worse in Michelle Rodriguez's case.
Olivia Wilde Did Olivia Wilde get polish everywhere except her toenails? We know this is for creative purposes but still...
Petra Nemcova Petra Nemcova should probably try colors on her toes to distract us from that corn on her pinky toe.
Shailene Woodley Oh my. Do you see Shailene Woodley's feet? We can only imagine what the soles look like after being on that ground.
Shiri Applebby Shiri Applebby might want her pedicurist to may closer attention to her big toe next time.
Sophie Reade Sophie Reade's soles are surely filthy after being barefoot on those gross stones.
Nicola Roberts Nicola Roberts' toenails could use a good trimming.
Oprah Oprah is one of the richest women in the world, so there's no excuse for these feet.
Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock could use a good foot soak, and maybe a massage - her feet look a little swollen here.
Ty Pennington Ty Pennington is extremely handsome, his feet, not so much.


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