The One Anti-Inflammatory Hot Drink You Should Have Every Day If You Want A Faster Metabolism To Burn Fat

January 9, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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Thinking about getting in shape for 2019? Diet and exercise are the ways to do it!

But before you head to the gym and try to burn off all those calories from the weekend, experts say you need to fine-tune your diet first. After all, you won’t have any luck on the treadmill if you keep eating unhealthy foods, right?

In fact, there’s one drink that has been found to have a profound impact on the metabolism and even kick-start weight loss when consumed frequently–it’s ginger tea!

Ginger tea gets its fat-blasting power from the anti-inflammatory ingredient ginger. Ginger is also known for its amazing digestion benefits and its ability to stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids.

"Enjoying a cup of hot ginger tea may benefit weight loss by promoting fullness, reducing hunger, and decreasing calorie intake," Jillian Kubala, MS, RD, tells POPSUGAR. "What's more, research shows that ginger tea actually increases thermogenesis (heat production in the body), which can help you burn more calories overall."  


Ginger tea is amazing on its own, but there are tiny tweaks you can make to really rev your metabolism. To start, dietitian Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, says that adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to your ginger tea can also help promote weight loss. Cinnamon is known to help regulate blood sugar, which may help minimize belly fat.


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