Caitlyn Jenner Just Let This HUGE Secret About The Kardashians Slip–We’re So Sad For Her!

December 11, 2019 by Elizabeth Blasi


Taking over reality tv screens once again (except this time across the pond), Caitlyn Jenner stared in the UK show, “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here”. A show where the underline theme of “Survivor” meets “Dancing With The Stars”, has celebrities living together in a remote atmosphere, battling to be crowned Queen or King of the Jungle. It was on this show, where Jenner may have revealed something personal regarding her and her family’s relationship.

Whether it was the lack of running water, heat exhaustion, or simply bonding with fellow cast members, Jenner opened up about what life’s been like since transitioning. In a shocking (yet calm) discussion, Jenner explained how she and Khloe Kardashian have had an estranged relationship for roughly five to six years (since Jenner announced her transition).

If you’re a fan of the reality TV hit, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, you may remember that Jenner and Kardashian were two of the closest family members within the group during the earlier seasons. As Kardashian was only five when Jenner took on a primary care-taker role alongside mother Kris Jenner (when Kardashian’s father, Rob Kardashian, passed away). The two had a strong father-daughter bond for Kardashians’ upbringing.

While the news was heartbreaking to hear from Jenner’s point of view, it’s important to note that no negative remarks or intentions were placed against Kardashian. Jenner was simply telling her side of the story, and expressing her lack of clarity, as to what was going on in Kardashian’s mind.

In episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, we witness Kardashian vocalizing her care and acceptance of Jenner’s transitioning. However, there is one aspect of the two’s relationship that is important to bring up (and may be a major factor behind any lingering tension). In Jenner’s memoir “The Secrets of My Life”, she aires some dirty laundry around Kardashian’s mom Kris. Being a true cub to her mama bear, Khloe Kardashian had a substantial issue with Jenner discussing particular family matters in her book. She quoted: “With that being said, Caitlyn does not need to tear anybody else down to build herself up.”

As this was many seasons and years ago, it felt like any possible tension had died down, until the discussion on “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here”. In fact, Kardashian had thought the two were on good terms. The reality star had publicist report to TMZ, that the two have a good relationship and have not been distance for five/six years (in fact, Kardashian had recently sent roses to Caitlyn for her 70th birthday).

On the other hand, Jenner’s relationship with daughters Kylie and Kendal as well as her son Brandon, are still going strong. Jenner came home to a welcome party, after her time on UK’s reality tv show, filled with cheerful messages and dozens of balloons.

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