The One Carb You Should Stop Eating If You Can’t Lose Stubborn Belly Fat, According To Nutritionists

February 18, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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Losing weight is hard, plain and simple. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, the progress just doesn’t seem to come. The food we eat plays a huge role in our health. Unless you have a healthy diet down perfectly, you just won’t see those stubborn extra pounds around your midsection come off.

It’s best to steer clear of simple carbohydrates when dieting. “Carbs are the body’s preferred source of energy and can provide the brain with the pick-me-up that it’s looking for,” Maya Feller, RDN, tells Well+Good. “But these are simple carbs that cause your blood sugar to spike and crash.”

Simple carbohydrates made from white flour, such as white bread, bagels, cereals, and pastries, are filled with sugar and empty calories that will only make you pack on the pounds instead of lose them. Forgetting to cut back on these bad carbs is the easiest way to sabotage your weight loss efforts.

“Refined wheat, AKA white flour, contains no nutrients and leaves your body hungrier than when you sat down to eat,” says Dr. Marizelle Arce.

“These empty calorie carbs will cause the next meal you have to be stored and turn into fat,” says Dr. Arce. Then comes the sugar imbalance that leads to cravings, extreme thirst, and water retention.

Be cautious of carbohydrates labeled as “whole wheat”. These aren’t much better.  White flour can be disguised as seven-grain, wheat flour, and enriched flour, on labels.


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