The $26 Oil You Should Use Every Morning For Thinning Hair, According To A Dermatologist

December 7, 2019 by Robyn Turk


We all seem to have some kind of chronic complaint with our hair. Whether it’s too short, too straight, too curly, too thick or too thin, the one thing that all women have in common is a constant upward battle on the path to satisfactory hair.

Well, if you’re one of the many ladies out there looking to thicken your head of hair, we have good news for you: we’ve found an amazing hair oil you can use every morning to strengthen your thinning hair. But it gets better – you can also use this hair oil on your eyelashes or eyebrows!

What The Briogeo B Well Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Does

- Promotes healthy and nourished hair, scalp, skin and brows with fair trade castor oil

- Rich in vitamin E and omega fatty acids to protect and nurture the skin and hair

- Designed to be massaged into the scalp to promote healthy hair

Why Dermatologists Love Castor Oil For Thinning Hair

Dermatologists recommend castor oil to promote thicker hair due to its softening and nourishing benefits.

“Castor oil is unusually high in ricinoleic acid, which technically speaking is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid with a hydroxyl group on the 12th carbon,” Dr. Heather Rogers, board-certified dermatologist told Dermstore. “This unique chemical structure causes the oil to be both hydrophilic (water-loving) and lipophilic (fat-loving), allowing much better penetration into the skin than other vegetable oils...Pure castor oil is great for the hair as the fatty acids condition and increase shine.

Promising Reviews

As amazing as everyone says. I have noticed tremendous growth in my hair and eyebrows. Not quite sure if it helps with my eyelashes. A little goes a long way so hoping it lasts awhile, but well worth the price!” - EDill

“My eyebrows were getting thin and I was starting to get bald spots. After applying this nightly to my brows and eyelashes, they grew. My eyebrows are so much thicker now, no bald spots and my lashes are fuller when mascara is applied.” - beautyphilly

“I have tried other "cold-pressed" and "organic" castor oils in the past and I was far from impressed...they were too thick, some had an interesting smell and I couldn't imagine using those oils on my lashes, skin or hair. Fast forward I recently experienced damage to my lashes from getting eyelash extensions and decided to take a leap of faith and try this brand's castor oil. It's been exactly two weeks since I've applied this product to my sparse lashes...tonight as I was washing my face I thought my mascara was being stubborn and wasn't coming off. I washed my face three times...then I examined my lashes closely AND realized the makeup was gone, those were my actual lashes!!! I can't believe how quickly this product has helped my damaged lashes. I also use this product on my lips before I go to bed, my brows, my cuticles and any dry areas on my face due to the cold weather. I am LOVING this castor oil and I've already purchased a back-up bottle...this will be a staple in my beauty collection forever!” - MekaLovesMakeup

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