5 Detox Foods Experts Say You Should Eat Non-Stop For Weight Loss In 2019

January 16, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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There’s no better time to give your body a fresh start and detox your diet than January. New year, new you! — Right?

With new year’s resolutions still fresh in our minds, we’re working towards a healthier lifestyle. That means finally getting your diet on track and giving your system a bit of a restart — and no, we’re not talking about only drinking juice for a week straight.

“If you’re looking to boost your body’s natural detox pathways, choosing one of these five detox foods can provide health benefits, including promoting a healthy weight,” says Jaclyn Shusterman, RDN, CD, and Arivale Coach. “Working with a physician or a Registered Dietitian in a program like Arivale can provide personalized information on how much to include and ways to introduce these more regularly into your diet.”

Try incorporating these top five detox foods in your diet this month to give your diet an extra boost.

1. Water!

“If there is one thing most bodies could use more of, it’s water. Drinking water can be good for your kidneys, your skin, and can help you avoid overeating,” says Shusterman. “If you’ve eaten a breakfast containing some complex carbs (like oatmeal) and some protein (like nuts) and are feeling hungry within a couple hours, you may actually be thirsty, so try water first. To keep water exciting, add a splash of citrus, or infuse your water with any fruit you love.”

2. Berries

“Berries are a favorite of mine because they contain so many antioxidants in delicious, low-calorie, low-sugar, high-fiber packages,” continues Shusterman. “While I wouldn’t go as far to say you should eat them non-stop (hello, upset GI tract!), you can eat a lot of them without derailing your diet or feeling guilty.” With such a wide variety of berry options, Shusterman says it makes for a great snack.

3. Fresh Herbs

“One ingredient in your kitchen to use freely are fresh herbs. Not only do herbs like cilantro, parsley, and basil add flavor and color to meals, they also contain antioxidants that can help fight free radicals, in addition to other vitamins,” says Shusterman. “Try increasing your use of herbs and notice that you may also use less salt and butter to flavor your food, which can have other health benefits and reduce your overall caloric intake.” Give it a try: you might be surprised what new combinations of seasonings you come up with!

4. Leafy Greens

“Leafy greens are a wonderful addition to the diet when working on weight loss because you can be pretty darn sure that you will be full before you overeat them,” says Shusterman. “[They] provide lots of nutrients like iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate. In addition, most leafy greens contain high percentages of insoluble fiber, which acts as a cleanup crew in your GI tract and helps with bowel regularity.” Some of Shusterman’s favorite greens include spinach, kale, and swiss chard.

5. Allium Vegetables

“Onions, leeks, garlic, and chives can boost your body’s natural detox pathways and provide a ton of flavor with very few calories,” explains Shusterman. “One easy tip is to toss some chives on your eggs in the morning – simple, and delicious!”


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