Don't Have A Good Costume? No Worries, These Halloween Cocktails Are Enough.

October 28, 2015 by Justine Schwartz
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Halloween is just a few days away, so it may be too late to come up with an epicly good costume if you don't have one already. You can still have the best Halloween ever, though--in addition to gorging yourself on chocolate, you could make one of these wickedly good Halloween cocktails. Click through our slideshow to get inspired, whether you're throwing a rager or just chilling at home receiving trick or treaters. Here's how to win Halloween-->

Eerie Elixir

Created by Mixologist Otis Florence
2 oz. SKYY Infusions Blood Orange
½ oz. Simple Syrup
½ oz. Lime Juice
Crème de Cassis
Peychaud’s Bitters

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour Crème de Cassis in glass and then layer in shaken ingredients very carefully. Mix Peychaud’s Bitters and Sugar in a small dish to create a garnish for the rim.

Paloma Negra

Milagro Silver - 2 parts
Ruby Red Grapefruit (FRESH) - 1 part
Agave Nectar - 0.75 part
Fresh Lime Juice - 0.5 part
Activated Charcoal - 1 capsule
Top with Club Soda - 3 parts
Garnish: Grapefruit Peel & Charcoal and kosher salt rim

Combine all ingredients with ice in Boston shaker and top with club soda. Garnish with Grapefruit Peel & Charcoal and kosher salt rim

Wicked Red Punch

1 bottle of HobNob Wicked Red
1½ cups spiced rum
3 cups freshly squeezed orange juice 2 oranges, zested
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 cinnamon stick
2 tablespoons simple syrup
1 lime, zested

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and let sit, refrigerated for at least an hour before. If available, add one large block of ice to the bowl. Stir well before serving. Add a sugar rim and an orange slice garnish

Blood Orange Cocktails

1/2 cups fresh blood-orange juice (from 7 to 8 blood oranges), chilled
6 tablespoons Solerno or other blood-orange liqueur
Combine blood-orange juice and liqueur in a large pitcher. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Pour into test tubes or small glasses (serves 6).
Please note: Cocktails can be refrigerated in pitcher overnight. Stir before using.
Photo by Johnny Miller Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2011

Bleeding Berry

Created by Mixologist Otis Florence
2 oz. SKYY Infusions Blood Orange
¾ oz. Orange Juice
½ oz. Lime Juice
½ oz. Simple Syrup
3 Muddled Raspberries

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for approximately 10 seconds. In a low ball glass, place 3 raspberries at the bottom and press down with a muddler, give a few gentle twists and add ice when complete. Pour shaken ingredients into a pan and reduce until mixture becomes thick. Pour 2/3 oz. over the top of the ice and garnish with a raspberry.

The Green Goblin

2.75oz Absolut Elyx
.5oz Fresh lime juice
.75oz Simple syrup
2 Slices of jalapeno
4 Basil leaves

Add jalapenos and basil leaves into the mixing glass. Muddle. Add vodka, lime juice, simply syrup, shake & strain into a martini glass and garnish with a jalapeno slice.
The Green Goblin cocktail is available for $10 on Friday, October 30th and Saturday, October 31st at STK Midtown and Downtown in New York City.

Hot Toddy

Milagro Añejo - 1.5 parts
Agave Nectar - 1 part
Cloves - 4 each
Cinnamon Stick - 1 each
Whole Anise Star - 1 each
Boing Water - 4 parts
Lemon Wheel - 1 each

Combine agave nectar, spice and tequila in a heat-resistant snifter or mug. Add the boiling water. Squeeze the lemon, drop it in, and stir until agave nectar has melted.

The Smashing Pumpkins

4 oz. pumpkin base (pumpkin puree, cream, maple syrup, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, pumpkin extract)
.75 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
.75 Absolut Vanilla Vodka

Shake ingredients over ice and double strain into a cocktail couple
Rim the coupe with black sugar
Add a dollop of Chantilly cream to the center of drink
Finish with a pinch of sugar
The Smashing Pumpkins cocktail is available at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Blood Orange Sangria

2 bottles of HobNob Wicked Red Blend
2 cups Sparkling Cider
1/2 cup Triple Sec
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups cut apples
1/2 cup Pomegranate seeds
3 Blood Oranges, cut into wedges
1 Lemon, cut into wedges
In a large pitcher, combine sugar with apples, pomegranate, blood oranges and lemon. Add triple sec, sparkling cider, and HobNob Wicked Red wine. Stir a few times and let macerate in the fridge for about 4 hours. Pour into glasses over ice and serve!

Café ala Mexicana

Milagro Añejo - 1.5 part
Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur - 0.75 part
Fresh brewed coffee - 4 parts
Brown sugar - 1 teaspoon
Heavy Cream
Garnish: Two coffee beans - 1 pinch
Glass: Clear Mug

Build in a clear mug or other drink vessel suitable for hot beverages. Top with whipped cream and chili flakes.

Wicked Boo-Berry Spritzer

1/2 cup HobNob Wicked Red Blend
3/4 cup Club Soda
Blueberries or blackberries
Cut strawberries

Fill glass about halfway with ice. Pour HobNob Wicked Red over ice and top with club soda. Add fresh blueberries and strawberries, and enjoy!

Hot Chocolate

Milagro Anejo - 1.5 parts
Abuelita Chocolate Tablets or Your Favorite Hot Chocolate Powder - 3 parts
Heavy Cream
Grated Chili Chocolate Bar - 1 pinch
Glass: Clear Mug

Build in a clear mug or other drink vessel suitable for hot beverages. Top with whipped cream and chili chocolate shavings.


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