The One Food That Should NEVER Be In Your Fridge If You’re Trying To Lose Weight, According To A Dietitians

February 11, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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If you want to finally lose that stubborn extra weight that you’ve been swearing off your years it’s best to start with a fridge clean out. After all, if it’s not in your house, you can’t eat it (or at least not as easily). Building a fridge full of healthy foods is a lot easier than you may think. The first step is tossing all unhealthy foods that will tempt you to ruin your diet. We spoke with two registered dietitians to find out what foods they say should be eliminated from your fridge ASAP if you’re trying to lose weight.

Toss: Frosting

Sweets are a very common guilty pleasure food for many, but they’re the first thing that should be chucked from your fridge if you want to lose weight.

“Major brands of frosting (the vanilla, chocolate, or funfetti frosting that comes in ready-to-go canisters) are going to be packed with exactly what you shouldn’t be eating for weight loss, or even maintaining your weight,” says Meghan Lyle, MPH, RDN, CD and Arivale Coach. “Ingredients start with sugar and palm oil, quick sources of energy-dense calories that quickly translate into excess calories. Not to mention this combo of sugar, fat, and ready-to-go convenience means you’re more likely to scoop out a quick bite, and it’s going to trigger that reward center of your brain to get you coming back for more.” 

If you have trouble planning out a more balanced diet on your own, Lyle says working with a registered dietitian in a personalized program like Arivale can provide important guidance.

Registered dietitian for Muuna cottage cheese, Melissa Rifkin recommends cleaning out your fridge as a first step towards meeting your health goals and suggests swapping “bad” foods for “cleaner” alternatives.

Toss: Flavored Yogurt

“Avoid falling into marketing traps such as celebrities promoting probiotic yogurt. While the probiotic part is true, yogurt often comes along with quite a bit of added sugar and little protein,” Rifkin tells Shefinds. “Try swapping for Muuna cottage cheese that contains healthy probiotics, more protein, and less sugar.”

Toss: Salad Dressing

Another food that’s got to go: fat and calorie-dense salad dressings. Rifkin recommends using salsa and fresh citrus juice instead as they provide you with much more flavor and micronutrients less calories.


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