4 Life-Changing Hacks Everyone Should Know To Save iPhone Battery

November 12, 2019 by Lisa Fogarty


If there’s one universal wish that many smartphone users possess — across the board — it’s this one: how can you convince your iPhone battery not to conk out after just a few hours?

Barring the possibility that your iPhone could really use a brand new battery, there are a few mistakes you are probably making, unknowingly, that could be contributing to a rapidly dying iPhone battery.

But there are also four life-changing hacks everyone should know to save iPhone battery.

Turn Off Location Services

If you have Location Services turned on, you are basically giving apps the green light to detect where you are at all times. Creepiness factor aside, allowing apps to work this hard to find your location is also a royal drain on your battery.

Here’s how to turn off Location Services: go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and toggle Location Services off.

Go Easy On The Brightness

Trust us, that bright iPhone screen may be great when you’re in a dark room, but you’ll seldom need the screen to appear so bright, and it’s one of the worst battery killers. Simply swipe from the bottom up on your screen and manually control your device’s brightness.

Change Your Auto-Lock Time

Unbeknownst to you, your iPhone’s auto-lock time may be set to kick in after an entire five minutes — or even never. And the problem with that is that your phone’s battery is slowly being squandered when you aren’t even using your device.

Adjust your Auto-Lock Time: go to Settings > Battery > Battery Life Suggestions > Auto-Lock. You can opt to have it lock as soon as 30 seconds after it detects no activity.

Make Good Use Of Airplane Mode

If you’ve never used Airplane Mode, it’s time to get acquainted with the helpful feature. Found in Settings, Airplane Mode will prevent your phone from letting texts, emails, and phone calls through so that your device doesn’t use up precious battery (but can also be kept on). This is a great feature to use when you know you’ll be otherwise occupied and won’t be responding to calls and texts, but still need your phone to be actively awake, just in case.

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