How To Wash Your Bras So They Last Forever

May 5, 2017 by Katelyn Holland
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Although many woman wear a bra everyday, they often neglect to wash them as often as they should. Think about it, you likely have more outfits that bras. Which means you re-wear each bra several times before washing it. It's understandable considering the fact bras are a pain to wash. They usually get managed in the laundry and no one wants to hand wash them. But there's good news: There's a few ways to machine was your bras without ruining them. Click through the slideshow to find out how to make your bras last as long as possible


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Washing Machine

Use The Gentle Cycle

Always wash your bras on the gentle or delicates cycles. Washing your bras on a slow, gentle cycle will put less wear and tear on the bras. This will help keep the elastic and any embellishments on the bra in tact. Cold water is also the best option has hot water can break down elastic. 


The Laundress

Use The Right Detergent

The detergent you use makes a difference. You want to use a detergent that removes dirt and stains, yet is gentle enough to use on vulnerable fabrics such as silk, rayon, and nylon. The Delicate Wash by The Laundress ($18.99) is a great option for both hand washing and machine washing your bras.

Garment Washing Bag

Wash Them In A Bag

If you want to make your bras last as long as possible, always wash them in a garment bag. These are simple mesh bags that can be put in the washing machine. These bags will help prevent the straps of the bra from getting tangled and stretching. Bonus: Garment bags will also prevent your other clothing from getting snagged by the hooks of your bras while in the wash.

Hang Drying Bras

Always Hang Dry

The real damage happens in the dryer. The heat from the dryer can break down the elastic. Heat isn't the only issue. The tumbling can ruin the shape of the bra's underwire, causing it to bend or poke out. You should always hang dry your freshly washed bras or lay them flat. Cosmopolitan suggest hanging bras to dry by the center gore (the piece in between the cups) rather than by the straps, which will get stretched out because the wet cups will pull the garment downward.

Bra Storage

When sorting your laundry, be sure to put your bras with other delicate or soft fabrics. According to Racked, heavy items (think jeans or towels) can abrade the delicate fabric and cause underwire to become bent and misshapen.



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