The iPhone Setting Every Apple Store Employee Loves Because It Adds HOURS To Your iPhone Battery

December 11, 2019 by Lisa Fogarty
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If there’s one thing all tech users can agree on it’s this: your smartphone could definitely use more battery power. The apps that we frequent on a daily basis have a lot to do with a dwindling battery and simply having our phones going from the moment we wake up in the morning can drain our devices before we even embark on our evening commute.

But there’s one phone setting that can help — and it’s probably one your only associate with air travel (big mistake).

This is the iPhone setting every Apple store employee loves because it adds hours to your iPhone battery.


Airplane Mode

True to its name, the airplane mode on your phone was created as a way of turning off all of your phone’s main functions when you’re traveling by plane so that there’s no risk of them interfering with radio communications on your flight. But you shouldn’t wait until your next vacation or business trip to use airplane mode — because it can help save your battery now (when both feet are on solid ground).


Enabling airplane mode means your phone no longer connects with cell towers — and this means you won’t be able to send or receive calls and texts, access websites online, retrieve email, or stream music and videos.

If that sounds rather limiting, it is — but it can also preserve battery power.


According to Mic: “It makes sense that cutting off all of the connectivity functions that are typically running on your device might allow the phone to use less battery.”

There are also a few cool tricks your phone can perform when in Airplane mode: “You can put your phone in airplane mode and check messages on apps like Facebook or WhatsApp without triggering the read receipt and tipping people off that you got their message. Others have suggested the feature works to screenshot photos and videos on Instagram or Snapchat without the apps informing the poster that you captured their post. Some people recommend using airplane mode to troubleshoot any connectivity issues, giving you an easier and quicker reset than fully rebooting your phone and going through a power cycle.”


Turning on airplane mode while you’re charging your phone can actually speed up the time it takes to fully charge devices — not by a whole lot, maybe, but it will make a difference. And when you’re in need of a charged phone — and you have a long commute ahead of you — every hack helps.


Lisa Fogarty is a lifestyle writer and reporter based in New York who covers health, wellness, relationships, sex, beauty, and parenting.

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