Um, Did Kourtney Kardashian Really Think That She Could Get Away With Photoshopping This Naked Instagram Picture?

March 21, 2019 by Justine Schwartz
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Kourtney Kardashian is under fire for posting a photo that appears to have been digitally altered.

The reality star has been receiving backlash for her recent Instagram post, which was done to promote her upcoming lifestyle brand Poosh. Fans pointed out that certain parts of Kardashian’s body were edited in the comments section and are urging the mom of three to take down the post.

See it for yourself:

kourtney kardashian posing naked in a bathtub

Spot any signs of editing? 

Kardashian can be seen posing naked in a bathtub in the controversial image. Everything seems normal at first glance, right? If you look closely, you'll notice that the star's leg, arm, and face have been retouched. 

Keep scrolling to get a closer look and see what fans are saying about the photo: 

kourtney kardashian posing naked in a bathtub

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR LEGS..," one commenter wrote, pointing out that one of Kardashian's legs does not look proportional to her body or match the pose she's making. 

"[It's] FREAKISHLY long. Go lay in that position and tell me her left leg isn’t several inches longer than her right. Pay close attention," another commented. 

"That second leg look crazy lol... fire your photoshopper lol," another fan wrote. 

kourtney kardashian posing naked in a bathtub

Kardashian's arm and wrist were also brought up in the comments section. Some fans thought that her shoulder looked smaller than it usually does, but some noted that it could have been from the water and bubbles. 

Others kept calling out Kardashian's wrist and think that the small bump that appears on it was a result of careless editing. 

"Gotta love the FAILED photoshop. Gurl....where yo leg going? And wth is on your wrist?? #wristnipple," one wrote. 

"Look at the legs and there is a nipple on her wrist," another wrote. 

kourtney kardashian posing naked in a bathtub

Some fans also noticed that Kardashian's face appeared to be retouched in the image. One even suggested that it had been copied and pasted onto the body in editing.

"Her head doesn't match with the body...," one commenter said.

kourtney kardashian on the red carpet

Kardashian has yet to address the Photoshop rumors. We're dying to know if she's been reading the comments section... 

kourtney kardashian

Do you think Kourtney's image was edited? Let us know in the comments below!


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