Martha Stewart Looks SO Different Now–It’s Unreal!

December 12, 2019 by Elizabeth Blasi


What we wouldn’t give to have porcelain skin, a perfectly defined jawline, and color-rich hair at 78 years old. Martha Stewart is a true beauty, who is loved for what she can whip up in the kitchen and her style at high-society gatherings. The holiday look for Stewart is no different, as we see her completely decked out and ready to party through the holidays. If there was somewhere we could sign on a dotted line tomorrow, guaranteeing us looking as wonderful as Stewart at 78, we’d surely be lining up around the block (and then some) to secure that future for our hair and skin.

Stunningly polished, from head to toe, Stewart and her beauty team created an amazing look for her month of festivities. As she undergoes one of her busiest months of the year; with collection releases, show dates, and holiday events, Stewart needed a look that would ride effortlessly along with her. And that’s exactly what she got!

The queen of image preservation, never shies away from looking her best. In fact, when quoted on advice for recently incarcerated Felicity Huffman, she noted that the star should still try and upkeep her appearance. When Stewart did her time (for four months) in prison, she made it a point to be presentable and put together throughout her sentencing.

While Stewart is no stranger to taking care of herself, she does give credit where credit is due. When creating her Holiday look, she thanked stylist Eugene Toye, colorist Rita Hazan, and Nicole Daisy Toye for the holiday inspired makeup look. As their accounts are linked above, who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to squeeze in a visit before you’re holiday party too…

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