The One Mistake You’re Making That’s KILLING Your Android Battery

January 5, 2019 by Justine Schwartz
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Too many of us live our lives on a low battery. If you’re constantly hovering over 20% battery, chances are it’s because you’re just too busy, running too many apps, with not enough time to sit in one place and recharge (and we’re not just talking about your phone).

One of your New Year’s Resolutions should be to not give yourself that stress of the red low battery life. You’ve got bigger things to worry about in 2019 (like getting on your hustle!) than to worry about this one day longer. We consulted with leading tech experts to discover the one thing you should stop doing immediately:

Too Many Free Apps

The answer may be in deleting or upgrading your free apps. "Free versions of apps usually include ads which may be a drain on your battery," Victoria Smith, technology expert for, explains to us. "If you need all your apps, try downloading the premium/paid versions so ads don't drain your battery," she recommends.

Wow--who knew!

Apps Running In The Background

"I rely on my Android to speak to clients so I get nervous when I'm out and about and the battery is getting low," Marcus Clarke, founder of, reveals. "I realized that apps I no longer regularly use were doing things in the background and taking away precious percentages of battery away."


"With the latest version it's possible to restrict background apps from running, rather than having to remove them all together. Once I'd been through and restricted background running for infrequently used apps I saw 10-20% improvement in battery life."

Social Apps

"One of the most common mistakes Android users make when interacting with their phones is installing too many social media apps," Alan Santillan, marketing specialist with technology software review site G2 Crowd, tells us. "Applications like Facebook and Instagram destroy your battery life rapidly, and run in the background while doing so," he warns.

So--what's the solution? "The web browser versions of these applications don’t kill your battery, and eat much less data as well, the only tradeoff being more limited functionalities and constant 'please download the mobile app' pop-ups.



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