The One Thing You Should NEVER Have Before 8 A.M. Because It Slows Your Metabolism

January 10, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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Raise your hand if you were told as a child that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Growing up, our parents, school teachers — just about any adult that we would lend our ear to — preached this health advice. Experts say that eating breakfast helps your brain function, keeps you feeling full, and gives you the energy you need to take on your day. As adults, with work and other prioritize taking precedent, the importance of breakfast may have slipped our minds.

We often skip out on breakfast foods altogether or settle for something less than ideal, like more coffee. If you’ve ever subbed in another cup of coffee or treated yourself to a fancy latte in place of breakfast, you might want to listen up.

We spoke with Registered Dietician and expert to The Vitamin Shoppe, Rebekah Blakely, to find out just how bad this all-too-common breakfast drink is for you. If you thought there was no harm in that daily skinny latte before work in the morning, think again. According to Blakely, that skinny latte could be slowing your metabolism. 

“Although it’s lower in calories, the skinny latte uses syrups containing artificial sweeteners that can cause metabolic dysfunction,” warns Blakely. “Artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Sweet n Low are a hotly debated topic.” If you’re going to order this sweet drink, you might as well go for the real deal--AKA real sugar--or completely sugar free.  

“We are seeing an increasing number of studies showing that they confuse our body with a sweet taste but no calories and can actually contribute to weight gain rather than loss. Instead of the skinny version, try the regular “half sweet”, or better yet…no sugar at all.”


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