The One Grocery Shopping Rule Everyone Should Follow For Fast Weight Loss

July 6, 2017 by Lisa Fogarty
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You might have already heard the first most important rule about grocery shopping when you’re trying to lose weight (or anytime, really): never grocery shop on an empty stomach. But there’s another grocery shopping rule that everyone should follow for the sake of both health and their personal budget. It takes just a few extra minutes and can save you money and help you shed pounds a lot faster.

Make A Grocery And Meal List

When you’re trying to lose weight, planning is essential. It’s the difference between knowing which healthy foods you’re going to snack on when the night munchies come on and standing in front of your pantry for 10 minutes before finally choosing the first item that looks vaguely appealing to you.

Always make a list of what you’ll need and start by planning your meals for the week — factoring in every last sliver of garlic or cup of chicken broth that will be required to make a soup or salad. By starting backwards, you’ll have an opportunity to make more informed choices at the grocery store based on the healthiest meals that are low in fat and refined carbs and will keep your energy up.


Planning real meals can also help prevent you from stocking up on “diet” foods like protein bars and certain drink mixes – which may seem appealing while you’re at the store, but could contain a lot of added sugar.

Spend More Time In The Produce Section

Did you know the average supermarket carries a whopping 64,000 food options, many of which are placed in such a way that they will grab your attention as you're shopping? There's nothing wrong with giving into temptation once in a while and trying the latest and greatest boxed fast food or snack, but spending the bulk of your budget on fresh produce will ensure you are fueling your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep you healthy. 


Lisa Fogarty is a lifestyle writer and reporter based in New York who covers health, wellness, relationships, sex, beauty, and parenting.

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