The High-Calorie Beverage Nutritionists Say You Should STOP Having Because It Slowly Destroys Your Metabolism

November 30, 2019 by Hannah Kerns
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Keeping up with a healthy diet and exercise routine can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially difficult if you are unaware that many of your extra calories are actually coming from beverages–not food. High-calorie beverages can prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals by slowing down your metabolism.

According to Bonnie Balk, RD and health & wellness expert for Maple Holistics, the one high-calorie beverage you should stay away from is sweetened coffee.

Balk explains, "Although coffee is known to have energy and metabolic boosting effects, when it’s all decked out in creamers, sugar additives, and syrups, these properties steam away." In other words, coffee is a healthy choice for most people on its own, but if you need two sugars in every cup, it could prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals.

She explains the problem with most coffee sweeteners and sugar-filled coffee orders: "Simple sugars, which are found in most coffee add-ins, are digested quickly, and raise blood sugar levels fast, contributing to weight gain and influencing your metabolic health."


With that in mind, a high sugar coffee order can make the difference between an effective diet and one that is not showing results.

If you can't stand black coffee, don't stress. There are other healthy options that you can add to your coffee. In fact, before cutting out all coffee entirely, it can be a good idea to learn about and try some natural sweeteners. Balk also recommends sticking to fat-free or plant-based milk for additional flavor and a creamier texture.

If you're looking for another high-calorie beverage to cut out of your diet, try avoiding soda. Balk explains, "Sugary carbonated beverages, as in most sodas, are loaded with empty calories and are seen to slow down metabolism. If you’re craving a fizzy drink, consider having flavored seltzer."


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