The One App That Ruins Your Android Battery—Even When You’re Not Using It!

June 12, 2019 by Somdip Dey
shefinds | Tech

Although there are so many applications which are draining your Android’s battery even when you are not using them, there are definitely some that you should care about in order to last your charge longer during the day. So, without further ado the one app that ruins your Android battery, even when you’re not using it is:

The App that constantly updates/runs in the background without your knowledge.

Most people have the tendency to download apps, give them a try for some time and after that never use them again while several of such apps are still running in the background, probably draining your smartphone’s battery. Although as a good practice it is better to close the app if you are not using them for the time being or even better just delete them to have some extra storage space for some other apps to try on, it is always not possible to keep track of which app to kill after you have used them. According to Android Authority, if you find that your battery is draining quickly even though you are not using the phones a lot then check which apps are draining the charge. In order to do so go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage

From the list of apps if you notice some apps that you don’t use that often yet the battery usage is high then it is time to say, “Bye Bye” to that app. However, it could be a difficult thing to part with your apps, especially you want to use them once in a while, then the best thing to do is to kill (or Force Stop) the app since you are not using it. If you need to Force Stop an app then you can do that by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Apps and press the “Force Stop” button to complete the action.



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Somdip Dey is an embedded Artificial Intelligence scientist affiliated to the University of Essex, UK and the Samsung R&D Institute, UK and tech contributor to SheFinds. Somdip is also a serial entrepreneur with a knack in social-entrepreneurship, and serves as the technical committee member of several top computing conferences such as IEEE EdgeCom, IEEE CSCloud, CVPR, ICCV. Somdip has previously served as an Editor of ACM XRDS (Crossroads) magazine. Get the latest update on Somdip’s work at

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