The One Energy-Boosting Drink You Should Have Right After You Wake Up For A Better Day

April 27, 2019 by Jayla Andrulonis
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While many may worship at the altar of the grande macchiato, double-shot, there’s a new go-to energy-boosting beverage creating quite a buzz: matcha! According to the highly-Instagrammable matcha mecca, Cha Cha Matcha, matcha is a green powder milled from specially grown green tea leaves that delivers powerful caffeine and antioxidants. The powder is mixed with hot water and whisked with a bamboo brush to create a frothy beverage, both delicious and beneficial to your mental clarity.

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The caffeine released from consuming matcha is described as being more controlled, rather than the anxious energy that can result from too many cups of coffee. Matcha contains a natural calming agent called L-Theanine, which provides a focused and calm energy to keep you from succumbing to the dreaded afternoon crash coffee drinkers know all too well. Not only will you get your caffeine fix, but the antioxidants in matcha can help to control blood sugar and aid in speeding up your metabolism.


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By swapping your morning coffee for matcha, you’ll get focused energy that will carry you through the day! Whether you can take the time to craft a matcha latte each morning, or simply grab a matcha tea bag as you head out the door, incorporating matcha into your morning is sure to make a difference in your well-being and energy.

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