The One High-Protein Snack Experts Say You Should Eat Every Day To Burn Fat Quicker

December 3, 2018 by Justine Schwartz
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Snacking is good for weight loss.

Gasp! It’s true–in multiple studies, including one published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers discovered that individuals who eat small snack-size meals throughout the day experience several weight loss benefits, including lower cholesterol and insulin levels, decreased risk of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and more.

Additionally, the benefits of snacks on your resting metabolic rate have been proven as well, according to Joan Salge Blake R.D., L.D.N., clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University and the author of Nutrition and You: Core Concepts for Good Health.

But, of course, all snacking isn’t created equal. You can’t grab a bag of potatoes chips and wait for the abs to come in. We spoke to a fitness expert to discover the high-protein snacks that you should be reaching for to burn fat quicker:

The answer is beans!

"Whenever I want to drop some weight, I simply pull out carbs from other meals and use beans instead," Nick Rizzo, Training and Fitness Content Director of exclusively tells us. "My go-to snack to burn fat is legumes, mostly black beans, and pinto beans," he explains.

"These little guys are perfect with about 8 grams of protein per serving, they deliver high-quality complex carbs for energy and keep you feeling full to help curb cravings. They also are a great source of dietary fiber to keep your digestive system healthy."

"They are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that Americans are known to be low in," he says of the copper, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium-packed food.

"They also make the perfect base to add in some healthy greens, additional protein sources, or just some spices to deliver the flavor you need." Yum!

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