The One Ingredient You Should Never Put In Your Breakfast Because It’s SO Fattening

December 3, 2018 by SheFinds Health
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should be the most nutritious meal of the day, too. The foods you eat in the morning are responsible for fueling you through the day, after all…

In addition to filling your breakfasts with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein, fitness experts say most people need to stop adding THIS unhealthy and fattening ingredient to their breakfasts to avoid weight gain.

Curious to find out if you’re making this crucial breakfast mistake? Isabel Smith, MS RD CDN, founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition, lists margarine as the worst ingredient you can cook your breakfast with. Here’s why:

“Some margarine tubs contain heart-harming trans fats and are made with processed oils that may be pro-inflammatory. Inflammation has been directly tied to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer," Smith tells Eat This, Not That! 

Instead, Smith says it's best to opt for grass-fed butter when cooking your breakfast to help limit your fat intake. "Switch to grass-fed butter to pick up a product like Earth Balance that contain a mix of less processed oils," she continues. 

Not sure you can part ways with your margarine? Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. of the Mayo Clinic recommends choosing soft or liquid margarine instead. But it's best to avoid it altogether. 


"Look for a spread that doesn't have trans fats and has the least amount of saturated fat. When comparing spreads, be sure to read the Nutrition Facts panel and check the grams of saturated fat and trans-fat. Limit the amount you use to limit the calories," she says. 


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