The One Thing You Should Do As Soon As You Wake Up For A Better Day

June 27, 2018 by Justine Schwartz


It’s true–you really can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Start your day on the wrong foot, and it can feel like a lost cause even before it’sbegun. You might as well crawl back under the covers and start again.

We know you’re actually way too busy to do that, so we consulted some of the wellness industry’s leading experts to find out what simple steps you can take immediately after waking up that will result in a better day. Without further ado:

“The first thing you should do when waking up in the morning is to listen to the silence and to consciously take it in,” Randi Zinn, author of Going Beyond Mom tells us.

“Let’s face it, life is fast-paced, noisy, and highly stimulating especially with quick access to or technology devices! Your instinct might be to jump out of bed or start scrolling through your emails but take two minutes to relish in the quiet. This is a perfect time to take some big deep breaths. Greet the day. You can return to that relationship to stillness at any point during that day when the speed of life is weighing you down.”

So easy! This is definitely something that anyone can do, it only takes a few minutes and let’s face it, your Facebook feed can wait.

Here are some more ideas from wellness gurus:

Stretch. “Even if only for 30 second holds, loosening up your muscles and opening your heart sets the stage for the rest of the day,” the experts at Naam Yoga tell us.

Give thanks. “This doesn’t need to be long, but giving thanks has many positive benefits,” the Naam Yoga team advises. “Not only does it start your day with positivity, it opens you up to healthy, positive energy in the world.”

Visualize your day. “Mentally walk yourself through your day thinking of all the things you have scheduled and having successful outcomes from morning until night,” Erin Wathen, the founder EW Wellness, explains. “Envision you running your staff meeting efficiently and quickly, your boss liking your proposal and everyone on your team cooperating. Not only will this put you in a great mood, it will help you be a better performer at work and visualizing yourself succeeding will give you the confidence to make it happen.”

So, there you have it–the best things to do first thing in the morning when you wake up for a better day! Leave a comment below: what helps your day get off on the right foot?

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