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The Top 7 Honeymoon Destination Trends of 2017

September 20, 2016 by Linda DiProperzio
shefinds | Weddings

Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. You still have the honeymoon to look forward to, so check out these eight trends that will make you want to pack a bag pronto.

[Photo: sammblakeweddings.com]


Believe it or not, Iceland is the go-to destination right now. "Iceland is a surprisingly romantic destination, says Katie Hammel of TripCreator. "It's wild and rugged, relatively undeveloped (so it's easy to be alone), and chock full of incredible landscapes like beautiful cliffs, glaciers, windswept black sand beaches, mountains, rivers and steamy hot springs. You can go horseback riding, dive between two continents, hike, climb a glacier, soak in the Blue Lagoon, chase the Northern Lights, or simply hit the road and take in the beautiful scenery."

Saint Petersburg

Of course, couples still flock to some of the most romantic cities in the world for their honeymoon--like Paris and Florence--but don't rule out Saint Petersburg, which is a well-kept secret, says Ingrid Asoni Haus of Asoni Haus. "It's a city steeped in history, insatiable architecture and immersed in the arts, and it possesses a truly romantic spirit and a picture perfect postcard landscape. The romance of the city with its gilded grandeur, winding streets and port location, make it a peaceful haven to continue the romance left behind on your wedding day. With lavish hotels, Michelin restaurants and some must see local sites, Saint Petersburg is the perfect honeymoon city escape."


Now that Americans can visit Cuba, many couples are opting to make it their honeymoon destination, says Houston-based Travel Leaders travel agent Michelle Weller. "There's a lot of fascination with Cuba. The hotels are already jammed pack and the demand is super high right now, but you have to book Cuba through a travel agent if you want to get in."


Because of the Zika scare, some couples are avoiding the Caribbean but searching for warmth, relaxation and spa in the US, says Jenifour Jones of Go Get It Events & Travel. Cue Arizona: Places like the Sanctuary outside of Scottsdale of Miraval near Tucson are some popular destinations for those seeking this kind of honeymoon.

The California Coast

Couples who love to drive and make stops should head up the California Coast (and beyond), says Jones. Stop in Santa Barbara, Big Sur (a must) and up through Portland to Vancouver with a top at the Ritz, Half Moon Bay on the way back.


The magic of Morocco has attracted travelers for many years and being the destination of choice for honeymooners is no exception, says Asoni Haus. "But rather than the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, honeymooners are exploring new untapped cities. Chefchaouen is also known as the blue city for is blue washed walks, pebble streets and doors and its tranquil Andalusian aesthetic. The perfect hideaway to rest, relax and explore Morocco in a new way, with incredible nearby waterfalls and stunning landscapes."

A River Cruise In France

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made it official in Provence, which extends along the lower Rhone River. This is a perfect location for a river cruise, says Jo Ann Buening of Travel Leaders in La Crosse, Wisconsin, who enjoyed the journey herself. "As we cruised the Saône and Rhône Rivers through the South of France, we couldn’t help but think, 'this type of travel would be great for our honeymoon clients who may enjoy traveling in Europe, but don't want to have to pack and unpack,'" she said. "Like traditional ocean cruising, your vessel is your floating hotel with meals and accommodations included, except instead of 'island' or 'country' ports of call, you visit cities along the river; usually with daily tours included. What a magnificent and relaxing way to spend your honeymoon."




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