This Is The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Charging Your MacBook

February 2, 2019 by Justine Schwartz
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Raise your hand if you beat up your MacBook in college. You probably schlepped it around campus in your bag, bent the charger, ran the battery down and forced a power down when it wasn’t quite acting right.

Now, raise your hand if you still do those things to your laptop and other portable devices. It turns out, they’re *all* terrible for your Apple products. We spoke with leading tech experts to discover the things you should NEVER do when charging your MacBook–they’re SO bad!

Use A Cheap Charger

“The worst mistake you can make when charging your MacBook is to use a cheap third-party charger," Ben Taylor, IT consultant and founder of Home Working Club, an advice portal for aspiring freelancers, tells us. "It’s always best to use the original branded charger for a MacBook. While good quality third-party chargers are usually OK, cheap chargers can be unreliable or even dangerous. In some cases you could even find you have problems with warranty claims, if Apple decide to be strict on terms around damage caused by use with another product."

Let The Battery Run Down

"The worst mistake you can make when charging your MacBook is using it until the battery is so low it shuts down, Alexander Selz Cryzen, MSc in energy and 1 year of battery research, tells us. "You take the voltage lower than the rated limit and do permanent electrode damage. Macs are a bit more resistant to overcharging, but ideally you should charge to 100% unplug, use until 5%, ply back in and repeat."

Let the Power Adapter Overheat

"Mac power adapters have a unique issue: they may overheat if the cable is bent or strained during charging," Ayaz Ali of Discount Computer tells us. "It's bad enough to cause smoke and sparking, and even represents a fire hazard. I work with refurbished computers and have seen the damage this has caused on a few occasions. This is why it is important never to stress the cable while your MacBook is charging."


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