This Is The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Trying To Speed Up Your Metabolism

December 9, 2019 by Hannah Kerns
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When trying to speed up your metabolism, it can be difficult when you do not see results right away. Although aiming for a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine is key in giving your metabolism a boost, it might not be enough–especially if you are unknowingly counteracting it. With that in mind, we consulted experts to find out the worst mistake you can make when trying to give your metabolism a boost.

According to Bonnie Balk, RD and health & wellness expert for Maple Holistics, the worst mistake you can make when trying to speed up your metabolism is sitting too long.

Balk explains how sitting for too long can harm your metabolism--even if you have a healthy routine of diet and exercise: "Even if you go to the gym for one hour, if the rest of the day you are mostly sitting, your metabolism will be affected. When your body is sedentary for more than 20 minutes, it goes into a relaxed, not-energy-burning mode."


With that in mind, even if you are getting your daily workout in, you still might not be giving your metabolism the boost it needs.

In fact, if you spend the majority of your day sitting, you could face various health concerns as a result. Balk explains, "[Sitting too long] negatively impacts your triglycerides, blood sugar, cholesterol, and lowers your metabolism."


Finding ways to stay moving throughout the day is necessary to stay healthy and keep your metabolism running properly.

Balk recommends getting up regularly throughout the day to boost your metabolism. She says, "Whether you’re tied to a desk chair or binge-watching TV, be sure to get up at least once an hour to get your body moving, and help boost your metabolism."


Taking a minute or so every hour to stand up and walk around could benefit your metabolic rate and help you see weight loss results sooner.

However, sitting for too long is not the only mistake you should avoid. Balk also recommends keeping an eye on your sleep schedule.


She explains, "With all your attempts to help boost your metabolism, you may not have realized that your sleep schedule plays a big role. Insufficient amounts of sleep can impact the way your body governs your appetite, increasing the feeling of hunger."


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