This May Be The Tiniest Mini Dress Kristen Stewart Has EVER Worn–Her Legs Look Amazing

November 21, 2019 by Elizabeth Blasi


We’ve had the privilege of seeing Kristen Stewart’s style evolve throughout the years. Whether it be her business casual look during the first release of the Twilight saga, to her rocker-chic streetwear, we’re always surprised and delighted to see what she’ll pull off next. For now, we get to experience Kristen Stewart in bold, and glam fashion staples. As a current spokesmodel for the luxury brand, Chanel, Stewart is no stranger to extravagant pieces.

Starring in one of 2019 blockbuster hits ‘Charlie’s Angels’, Stewart showed up to the premiere at the Westwood Regency Theater in Los Angeles wearing something fabulous… and a little different.

The actress wore designer Kevin Germanier, to the premiere. Glistening and revealing, this mini dress showed off Stewart’s incredible legs and defined abs with midriff cutouts. The dress was balanced beautifully with long-sleeves, and pulled together with a bow at the waist. Aside from the fact that Stewart was (literally) sparkling at the event, there was a core element to the ensemble that truly made her look stand out.

For the dress, Germanier hand-embellished the crystals with up-cycled material from Swarovski. Taking a lead in ethical fashion, Germanier makes it a point to leave less of a carbon footprint with each piece of fashion he creates. On board with the cause (and the style), Stewart decided to rock this look at the premiere with confidence.

Inspired by Kristen Stewarts’ look, but not being able to front the high cost for a Germanier original, we helped put together a few look alike pieces. Embracing silver and purple hues of dazzling glitter or sequins, each of these pieces is sure to turn heads in (in any crowd).

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