The Top-Rated Hair Mask You Should Use Every Week For Thinning Hair

January 17, 2020 by Robyn Turk


Whether from over treatment, heat damage, cold weather or just plain genetics, thinning hair is a common yet annoying concern for so many of us. There are so many products out there that are designed to rejuvenate your hair to prevent that damaged, thinning look, like supplements, hair oils or shampoos, but we found the one product that gives you nourished, healthier-looking hair after just one use!

Get ready to meet the hair mask of your dreams – a once weekly conditioning treatment that uses natural ingredients to replenish essential moisture to your hair and scalp. It improves the appearance of thinning hair noticeably with lasting results. We’re talking about the Voir Rhythm Of The Rain Hair Masque.

What You Need To Know About The Voir Rhythm Of The Rain Hair Masque

Made from red clover extract with natural butters, oils, and botanicals, the Voir Rhythm of the Rain Hair Masque replenishes moisture to the hair and restore scalp health. The result is silky soft hair that feels and looks hydrated and isn’t weighed down.

Key Benefits Of Our Favorite Hair Mask

- Promotes scalp health and works to leave hair looking fuller and thicker

- Restore scalp health while infusing overworked locks with vital nutrients

- Reduces sebum buildup that can contribute to thinning hair and hair loss

Promising Reviews

“Perfect for sufferers of dry scalp this time of year (thanks cold Canadian winters!), this product is very soothing and helps relieve itchy, flaky symptoms. Both hydrating and refreshing, it smells great and rinses clean.” - Katrina

“I recently started using this product once every couple of weeks in lieu of conditioner. My hair tends to get very dry in the winter (esp as I run outdoors) which leads to more frequent hair trims and tons of split ends. My hairstylist could not believe how hydrated, clean, and healthy my hair was at the most recent appointment. She asked me my secret and I told her I've started using this product. She told me to keep using it and I have received Tons of compliments from family and friends about my hair.” - Mary H

“I use this product as a deep conditioner/hair masque and it did WONDERS for my hair! It was soft, shiny, and healthy-looking after one use. It did not weigh down my fine hair and was easy to rinse out unlike many conditioners I've used in the past. A little goes a long way with this stuff and it is 100% worth it. I don't often believe all the claims a product has but this one hits them all.” - RDoggo

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