The One Vitamin You Should Be Taking Every Morning For Weight Loss Over 30, According To Experts

November 30, 2018 by SheFinds Health
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Your body undergoes a lot of changes once you hit 30, especially when it comes to your metabolism. Dr. Holly Lofton, director of medical weight management at NYU Langone Health, says this is because 30 is when the body naturally stops bone production, which greatly affects the overall function of the metabolism. “The reason 30 is an important decade is because that’s the first decade in which we’re no longer increasing in bone production. So if we don’t increase muscle-mass production, overall metabolism goes down,” Dr. Lofton tells The Cut, noting that our bodies accumulate fat mass more quickly when we stop producing new bone.

Not sure how to successfully lose weight over 30? Experts say that incorporating a daily vitamin into your regimen can help boost your metabolism by giving your body the vital nutrients and minerals it’s not getting from your diet–starting with vitamin D.


Studies show that vitamin D can actually help double your weight loss due to its important role in burning energy in the body. Boston University researchers say you'll lose twice as much weight on any diet if you take 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. That's because it helps transport dietary fats into muscle cells, where they're burned for energy instead of converted into body fat. 

But, taking a daily vitamin D supplement will only work if you put in some work, too. Dr. Lofton says that you'll see the effects once you fine-tune your entire regimen, which includes working out regularly and eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods. 


"Metabolism decrease is an inevitable part [of aging],” she continues. “But we can offset it by being very, very careful. Monitoring your physical activity as well as your food intake and your metabolism takes a lot of work.”

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*Talk with your doctor before adding this vitamin to your weight loss routine! 

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