Conquering Your Closet Part 2: Deciding What Stays

June 26, 2007 by SheFindsTara
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Last time on “How to Be Your Own Personal Stylist” we talked about weeding through your closet to sort through the keepers and the losers. This week, learn how to decide what’s really worth keeping.

Pull Out the Full-Length Mirror

Schedule a block of your Saturday afternoon (or whenever you have two to three hours free) and start playing model. Try on each piece of clothing it, be honest, and decide what fits and what doesn’t. Even better — use a digital camera or a Polaroid to give yourself a new perspective. No camera? Call for human backup. Your friend with an eye for fashion is your best partner in this crusade, and you can be her helper the following week if she wants a closet makeover.

When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye

* We gain, we lose, but those size 4 jeans you’ve been trying to squeeze into for the last two years and those leftover fat clothes lingering in your closet need to go no matter what your current weight is. The worst looking outfits are ones that don’t fit well.

* We all shop impulsively, but clothes with tags still on them or anything you’ve only worn once are usually known as one-hit wonders. Trash ’em!

* Friends don’t let friends wear tacky, ill-fitting, looks-like-something-your-mom-would wear clothes. If you think it looks good, but your friend says it doesn’t, trust her!

Next on ‘How to Be Your Own Personal Stylist: Making the most of your shape.



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